Autism and Poetry (1): Sappho’s new poem and translating Charlie (#10)

Charlie on a hot black car (#9)

At sea with friends (#8)

Officer, There ‘s Someone on the Roof (#7)

So many children with autism, so few autism teachers: On “Deadly Immunity” by Robert Kennedy, Jr. (#6)

The stone wall, the spot of red paint, and a lot of bugs: From one hot season in Minnesota to the start of a New Jersey summer(#5)

The class of 2015: What is normal?

Just another Saturday

Why the title “My Son Has Autism”

My title [i.e., the name of my first blog, My Son Has Autism] may seem blunt. It’s a phrase I’ve said countless times over these past six years, and with increasing ease. I’ve said it at the pool when the lifeguard is blowing his whistle at Charlie, who’s been standing and bouncing on the end … Continue reading

Inaugural Swim

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