The 100th Post

I was hoping to write “something special” for post #100: Since the Internet is down at our house, I’ll be writing short and sweet for awhile. It’s been a weird week for Charlie, with the 2 days off from school for Rosh Hashanah and the very warm, perpetually humid October weather, plus Jim and I did rearrange the furniture in his room and he did just come back a few days ago from California. Exposure to some chaos is good to keep Charlie “flexible,” though we always need to be prepared for his not being so happy about it. His teacher was at an in-service today, as he and I learned when I dropped a most drowsy boy off, and he stumbled into school and knocked his head on the floor.

A hard start. I’m reminded of Wednesday when he came to work with me and immediately wanted “home house” and how he grinned as we left, bumming around the Saint Peter’s College campus. I’m keeping faith, that Charlie will rise to all occasions because we believe in him, and I believe he knows it.

Posted 10.47am, 7 oct 05


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