Sues! (#144)

Another way to spell what Charlie said a lot tonight would be süß (German for “sweet”) or Seuss (a call for green eggs and ham, or the infamous Cat in the Hat?) or sooss (Charlie apraxic-speak) or suse (lazy Susan in a Chinese restaurant? something belonging to a girl named Sue?).

I happen to know that what Charlie meant was “shoes,” and that he is still working on the full /sh/ sound. “Shoe” was one of the first receptive labels Charlie learned when he was 2 1/2 in his home ABA program (the other one was “ball”). “Daddy back sues! Sues on off!” Charlie says when Jim walks in from the train. The meaning of this little word to Charlie far exceeds the four letters s, h, o, e.
My mother has been staying with us; Charlie has long had much anxiety as he anticipates her and my father’s visits and departures. Today Charlie kept closing the door of the guestroom and insisting that my mom take off her vest or coat and, most of all, “sues on sues off. I want!”, to ensure that she is not leaving (or looks like she is). “Where are my shoes?” my mom asked as we prepared to go out this evening. “Charlie! Did you hide them?” Charlie mumble-mumbled and ran several times up the stairs to check that her suitcase was in the guestroom. Though it was in the low 40’s, my mom wore her sandals.

“Sues! B’ack!” laughed Charlie, looking down at his grandfather’s feet. “That’s right, Charlie,” smiled Jim’s Dad. Then Charlie swiftly untied and took off grandpa’s shoe and ran away with it. “Charlie!” said four voices. I pointed to Charlie and to the shoe on the floor and the item was duely returned (though grandma’s shoe was next). “B’ack sues,” grinned Charlie looking at his grandparents’ feet and running out without his own to their garage. My mom followed with his black shoes.

Eileen added artist, singer, dancer, comedian as synonyms for child and comedian, counselor, massage therapist, nutritionist, photographer, translator for parent. And Christina added “free thinker” for child.

I’m adding sweetheart. That’s das Zuckermäuschen, “Zucker” meaning “sugar.”

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