It never rains but it hails (#328)

It’s been quite a week in Autismland: Visiting Charlie’s new school. Moving. Autism Every Day and the still on-going discussion/controversy. Planning with Jim about his October 27th conference in NYC on autism advocacy. Since Thursday morning, serious discussions about my mother-in-law’s treatment–I’m grateful we were able to see her on Mother’s Day–we go to visit her tomorrow.
And Charlie’s ninth birthday on Monday.

TGIF? More like TGIMITTEOAW. Thank God I Made It To The End Of Another Week.

Charlie’s school day finishes at 1.30pm on Friday and his ABA therapist was ill; we decided to go swimming. We had to wait for ten minutes as there had been thunder and lightning. “You’re not supposed to be that close to the pool, it’s dangerous!” the pool manager barked, even after I explained that no one had told us not to wait in the corridor outside the pool. I said a quick “MSHA,” anticipating that Charlie might become upset to leave the pool area and then go back in.

He did not, and he revelled in a nearly empty pool, swimming along the bottom for a maximum 14 seconds. He did not handle getting out of the car and into the house so well: I reasoned as I held onto him for a very long half-minute on the front lawn, that he must be thinking “if I go inside I’ll never get to have dinner and I’m tired and hungry now.” By the time Jim came home from the COSAC conference, Charlie was ready to get the bike helmets, give one to Jim, don his glasses, and zoom off.

I heard raindrops fall, not too hard. I heard pelting on the roof and ran for my car keys and drove up and down, but could not find Jim and Charlie so went back and grabbed a bunch of towels. Charlie’s shirt was miraculously dry but the rest of him was soaked and he skipped lightly into the house and up the stairs to change his clothes. Jim wiped off the bikes and gave me the details, of how they first took shelter under a tree but

“Then we left the tree, and it got worse.”

As in hail and heavy rain that they had to ride through.

That’s Every Day In Autismland.



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