11 mile (#329)

In an effort to help Charlie get through Saturday’s less-structured moments, I opened Get Ready for the Code as he and I waited for Jim to return from the hardware store. Charlie is up the letter P on p. 20 at school. I flipped back to the b and f sections and, with an occasional tap on the bottom of his wrist, he traced the letters, not exactly legibly, but he was willing and the activity kept him just enough engaged that he waited through Jim coming back and getting out the bikes. Charlie got the two bike helmets and off they went.
For eleven miles.

I guess Charlie will be ready for the Ride for Autism on June 10th.

Charlie had provisioned himself with an extended brunch before: Sugar snap peas. White rice. A hamburger.

As he broke the latter into pieces prior to eating it, he grinned at me and said “Mmmmmmm, it’ssss good!” (Never heard him say that before.) And then, with a peaceful easy-feeling face, Charlie sang “May-be spare-row” and hummed a few bars of a Neko Case song, Maybe Sparrow that I have played sometimes in the car. Later–waiting in the parking lot at the hospital as Jim and his dad visited his mother (I sat with her for several minutes)–I directed Charlie to write burritos, the word he kept saying, hopeful for dinner. He can write u, i, r, o, on his own; I tapped his wrist for the rest.

I have been on a secret campaign to say permanent all done to Barney songs for the past few years; so do Jim and I play “our” music for Charlie in the car. To hear Charlie sing back a song I like; a song that I’ve listened to at full blast hurrying into work on the Pulaski Skyway–that has made me think about the young sparrow I have to look out for from the hawks—–

How many miles would I walk, bike, run?

In an Autismland cost-benefits analysis, give is take.

(The interest is already factored in.)


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