Sun, Sand, Salt, School (#340)

At 2am on Monday I found Charlie standing in the hallway. I touched his shoulder and he went straight into the bathroom. I realized that Memorial Day’s summer-warm weather, Charlie’s swim in the surf and imbibing of some salt water, too many shrimp, the long car ride to the shore had all added up to:
Upset stomach.

And—in addition to transitioning out of the long weekend friction—Monday’s right-before-bed-tantrum may well have been caused by Charlie feeling his stomach acting up and not being able to tell us that he felt sick, while very much feeling so.

“Showah!” said Charlie.

So showed he did (yes, at 2am) before stumbling back to bed. And woke up at 6am, smiling, open-faced, and ready to go. “Let Mom and Dad sleep a little more,” I said. Charlie got his blanket and a Wiggles CD and alternated lying down and bouncing on the bed. Charlie ran down for breakfast at 7am and then onto the bus. And, aside from getting upset at lunch (I suspect his stomach was still in flux), he was sweetly peaceable through a long ABA session (“Lots of 100%’s!” smiled the therapist) and a bland dinner of rice and chicken, after which Charlie beamed his big-eyed face into mine, saying “HI!” and pecked me on the cheek. He fell asleep tightly wrapped in Daddy’s blue blanket after pushing against me hard with his feet.

Does Charlie—to borrow the topic of tonight’s Nightline special on Echoes of Autism: Paul in Love —have his young life complicated by love?

Does Charlie love the ocean?

Does the Kingfish swim?


One Response to “Sun, Sand, Salt, School (#340)”
  1. I have enjoyed the last couple of posts. Sounds like the weekend was great. It is so hard when they can’t tell you they don’t feel well.

    The hiccups really set Sam off. He goes into odd positions by falling to the ground, curling up in in a ball, and he always yells “trow up, trow up!” as he holds his stomach. We always know it is just the hiccups coming though and wait. My fear is one of these times it won’t be just the hiccups, and then we’ll be in trouble for not running him to the bathroom. Yikes!! 🙂

    Tivo”ing” the Nightline special tonight too. Curious to see.

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