Habit-forming (#355)

Bang bang bang.

The electrician had stayed late to do some wiring at my father-in-law’s house—I mean, at our house—so hard to think of the “white house” as “ours” after so many years of visiting my in-laws there.

Old habits do die hard.
Indeed: Today at 2.30pm Charlie, who does not yet know how to tell time, knew—by “habit”?—that it was time for school to be over. But his new school day ends at 3pm and Charlie’s great third day ended with him getting upset. Still, he came off the bus with that open, peaceful face.

Charlie did not fall asleep till past 10.30pm last night—-the electrician was determined to finish the job—-I was sitting on an old sofa bed in the dark, Charlie lying with his blue blanket and Party Stitch on the big bed.


“Noise!” said Charlie, and I could tell he was smiling in the dark.

First time he has ever said that word—-connected that word to those loud sounds—and all on his own.

A habit I hope will go far.


4 Responses to “Habit-forming (#355)”
  1. I F says:

    I love reading your blog. You are such a poet and inspiration. Bless your heart.

  2. I F says:

    Im sorry its me again. But I just realized your have a higher education than the idiot who saw my son just recently. You should consider going into child dev. and seeing parents whos kids are one the spectrum.

  3. KC'sMommy says:

    How exciting Charlie and his words!! That is one terrific kiddo you have their Kristina. I am so happy for Charlie and for you! His language is really coming along:)

  4. IF, thank you more than much! I’m afraid if I went into child development reading all the scholarly literature on autism would drive me crazy!

    Thanks, KC’s Mom! I’m always really heartened to hear from you.

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