Not “The End” But “The Beginning” (#356)

It is the middle of June; Charlie is one month into being nine years old; summer starts next week. I have been cheering, or sighing, or nodding “yeah, that’s us” with my many autism parents blogging about their children’s end of the year.
Only I have realized, even though it is June and Charlie’s summer school starts the week after next, it does not feel like “the end” or the “last” day for Charlie. For Charlie, “The End” has already happened, when he said good-bye to his beloved old school last Friday.

The last day of his old school’s existence is next Friday and while the sentimental part of me wanted him to stay until the end with the teachers he had grown so fond of, the sensible part knew that it would better for Charlie to start in his new school before summer came.

And today, Day 4, he did very well in his new classroom.

Between Charlie’s teachers at his old school and his home Lovaas/ABA consultant—and the detailed notes Jim and I keep—there is Information Overload about Charlie’s academics, behaviors, speech and language, and on and on. In the past, the biggest problem has been communicating that information to all parties as quickly as possible. Too often I have learned that a report got read a few weeks after I had passed it on, or information was misunderstood and no questions asked until a lag of several days, or my worried calls to various powers that be sat in those powers’ voice mail boxes for so long that new problems developed in the meantime. Thanks to email and some notes in Charlie’s Communication Notebook, his new school has asked me questions shortly after something has happened, and I have written quickly back. Last weekend, I xeroxed Charlie’s bulky Program Book from his old school and gave the new school a copy; I keep digging into his home program reports for more suggestions.

So while Jim and I have been trying to remember whether the cell phone charger was left in the office or the house and I was convinced last night that I had lost my glasses (only to find them under random articles of hastily stored clothing) Charlie has been getting up, getting dressed, munching breakfast by Grandpa’s mailbox, and walking right onto the bus. He has been going to bed (if not to sleep) without a fuss, and even grinning at me as I turn off the light. I have heard new words and new phrases: “Walk!” “Home make da white rice!” After the school bus dropped him off today, Charlie went through the bedrooms of Grandpa’s house, and lingered in the hall by Grandma’s still-empty room.
Tomorrow will be a bit of a test for Charlie as Fridays at his old school ended at 1.30pm, versus 3.00pm at his new school. And then comes some half-days next week and a few days off and then summer school with another new teacher.

It is a lot.

Far from the end, it is a new beginning for Charlie.

4 Responses to “Not “The End” But “The Beginning” (#356)”
  1. mom-nos says:

    Funny. All week long I have had one sentence running through my head. It’s from the Semisonic song, Closing Time: “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

    Here’s to some wonderful new beginnings!

  2. And here’s to the insight that hindsight brings!

  3. KC'sMommy says:

    Cool Charlie! New phrases and a happy boy! That is really awesome:) He is really doing great with the move and everything isn’t he Kristina? Transitions seem to be coming to your Charlie much better:) How exciting! Kepp it up big guy:)

  4. Wow Kristina! It sounds like things are really going well, but really it is how well you transitioned him and have helped him. You are a wonderful mom!

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