Charlie Plays the Piano (#360)

Charlie has started to take piano lessons. We have long hoped that he might play, ever since his toddlerhood when he sat on my lap and flipped through the pages of a lullaby songbook my sister had given him to find the songs he wanted to hear, based on the pictures in the book. (His favorites were “Kumbayah” and “Oh Can Ye Sew Cushions.”)

An aide in one of Charlie’s old classrooms had given me the number of a piano teacher a few years ago. I promptly called and was told “Only the high-functioning ones,” “No behaviors,” “He must read music,” and “He must be able to sit. No running around.”

Not for Charlie, I sighed as I hung up the phone.

Librarians might decry the use of Google but thanks to it I found a piano teacher with (very helpful for Charlie) an ABA background. And Charlie had his third lesson yesterday evening and, yes, he did have a hard time sitting still, he had “behaviors,” and I won’t even going into the “hfa/lfa” business. The teacher had prepared an activity schedule and a token board and got Charlie out of the beginning of A Big Tantrum in a minute.

Back at the piano, Charlie read the notes to two short songs, then looked down at the keys and played them—G-G-E. F-F-D, F-E-D-E.

Music to my ears?

More like, the bottom of my heart.


3 Responses to “Charlie Plays the Piano (#360)”
  1. Only the high functioning ones with no behaviors and must sit still? Huh? I wouldn’t think an NT child would want to sit nor have “behaviors” when learning the piano. Well, if that was her criteria, she wouldn’t have taken Beethoven as a client either! Has to read music as a prerequisite? This person just sounds like a bigot to me! She just should have stated that I don’t teach children, any children.

    By the way, I just posted a couple of pictures on my website that shows the macroencephly I had as a child with a picture of Alexander’s. I feel that I’m getting closer to a genetic link here.

  2. I was pretty aghast after talking to that teacher—-the new one is, needless to say, wonderful. Charlie has always been macrocephalic—-

  3. Julia says:

    Google can be good. 🙂 Not a be-all, end-all, but a decent tool in the ‘net toolbox. (I think of it as a hammer.)

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