That Look (#361)

Jim and I have been speculating about “what’s different” about Charlie’s face, when we see him among other kids his age as I did today at the pool.

“Absence of meanness,” Jim said.


Charlie never, ever minds when another kid cuts in front of him in the line for the diving board.

(I let it go, too.)


5 Responses to “That Look (#361)”
  1. What a sweetie! There could be lessons learned for the other kids in watching Charlie’s reaction (or lack of reaction) in those situations. The world would be a lot better with the patience he can teach us.

  2. SquareGirl says:

    That is something I’ve always felt about my friends…no feelings of meaness, revenge, retaliation. Just complete honesty in how they feel, what they sense and experience. Authenticity. Honesty. Beautiful!

  3. I often think of Charlie as “our quiet leader”!

  4. Kerry Mikus says:

    I just wanted to say hi, and that I’m glad to hear Charlie is adjusting well. It’s great to be able to keep up on him and see how he’s doing! Hope he keeps up with the language; it’s wonderful to hear!

  5. He seems to be adjusting really well, to our surprise—–not that he does not miss everybody…..

    Really great to hear from you!

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