C-Fish (#369)

Seeing that J-Mac has been nominated for an ESPY (along with the likes of Kobe Bryant), I think it may be time to give Charlie a special “sports moniker” for his athletic pursuits.
Like “C-Fish” for the boy who, on a rainy gray day, was the sole swimmer in the pool.

(Charlie’s full name is Charles Vincent Fisher. He was named for my paternal grandfather—Yeh Yeh (in Cantonese)—whose American name was Charlie Chew; the Vincent is the middle name of one of Jim’s bestest, sports-minded friends. If Charlie were Charles Vincent Chew, I guess he would have to be C-Chew, which doesn’t have quite the ring of C-Fish.)

Our day was a half-marathon: 8am, visit to the dentist office in preparation for Charlie’s July 11th appointment. (Charlie has not been to the dentist in over a year, due to the trauma of last time’s visit—being held down by three adults and getting nicked in the mouth so Charlie said “pee ah pee ah” every other word for a month.) “No,” said Charlie when I opened the door of the black car. He got out after a minute and was entranced by the fishtank, gumball machines, nice couches, and the Dudley the Dinosaur Goes to the Dentist video in the “movie theater.” (My father-in-law and I later shared a chuckle over this kid-deluxe dentist office.)

The C-Fish did an hour of speech therapy after his solo swim and waited me out when I had to talk to another autism mother in the aisles of Target. He could barely wait for Jim to get home for a late evening bike ride which started with a few drops falling from the sky.

“We’ll just go around the block,” Jim called over his shoulder as Charlie, in the manner of Lance Armstrong, bent over low, the better to pedal fast.

They came back an hour later after the usual adventures: It did not rain besides those initial sprinkles. They went far and the chain on Charlie’s bike came off. A nice young dad helped put it back on and wished them well.

An ESPY wouldn’t be enough for the victories of the C-Fish.

4 Responses to “C-Fish (#369)”
  1. Sharon Faulk says:

    We are having more trouble every year at the dentist. It is also very kid friendly but the boys won’t even open their mouths.

    So nice that he will swim in the rain. Mine won’t and we suffered for it yesterday.

    C-Fish sounds VERY COOL!

  2. Charlie will only open his for a split second! We are practicing for the Big Day and I have asked the dentist several times if we can split up the visit.

    I think Charlie figures, wet is wet—so long as it’s not too windy and, of course, there are no thunderstorms!

  3. Kristin says:

    I like the name too (C-Fish). Charlie sounds so athletic. Besides swimming and biking, what else does Charlie find interesting in the world of sports? Is he too young for golf? He probably would have a wickedly good swing :o)


  4. SquareGirl says:

    C-Fish is a fantastic nickname for Charlie!

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