In His Shoes (#370)

If it were up to Charlie, I think he would just wear the same black slip-on shoes everywhere—school, beach, pool. He is agreeable about wearing different shoes, but needs a reminder (or me showing him: “Here’s your sandals!”) So I was pleased when, just before 11am this morning, Charlie ran to put on his “san-dohs” and off we went to the pool.

I put on Charlie’s other pair of sandals—-the ones with the straps in the back that he tends not to put on (he slides his feet in and smashes the back straps down).
I still have six inches on Charlie but our feet are, yes, the same size. (Can you tell whose shoes are whose…….The black slip-ons are Charlie’s favorites because, I think, they look just like Jim’s.

Sometimes Charlie likes to take a turn around the house in the Mary Janes—-so I guess it was high time that I try on his footwear and see how it feels to walk in the shoes of my great not-so-little-for long man.

Yes, they are tough shoes to fill.

7 Responses to “In His Shoes (#370)”
  1. If only to really walk in their shoes for one day would be fun, to see and to understand the world from their eyes.

    Yes, I too have tried on my 8 1/2 year olds shoes and thought wow, they grow up too fast.

    Did you literally try them on? And did Charlie laugh? Zach thought it was pretty funny when I did.

    Footloose to you all!

  2. Sharon Faulk says:

    My boys ONLY wear birkenstocks sandals just like their mommy. Of course it doesn’t work so well in PE.

    Yes, I would like to see into their world for a little while.

  3. Mamaroo says:

    Roo would much rather kick off his shoes and be bare foot these days. I can relate. I only throw on my flip flops when I need to run out. At home I am always barefoot. Neither of my boys will wear sandals. I bought Roo high top sneakers to wear to school because he was kicking his shoes off so often. He can even manage to get the high tops off.

  4. Kassiane says:

    Hee. Cute story.

    I remember all my sisters getting excited when they could steal mom’s (size 8 1/2) shoes. Usually it happened around age 9 or 10. My brothers caught up to my dad at around 11 or 12.

    My day to steal shoes never came. Size 7ish, which means (on the PLUS side) that size 5 1/2 boys or 6 “kids”-for unisex shoes-fit me. No one ever tried on my shoes…no one fit…and it felt like I didn’t fit. It’s, like, a right of passage or something.

    But I get the last laugh. I got purple water safe sandals from the kids’ department. Ha!

  5. Charlie (and I) prefer to be barefoot in the house. He didn’t raise an eyebrown when I wore his sandals but he did think it was pretty funny to walk around in my flip-flops, those Mary Janes and (in winter) my boots. He’s tried on Jim’s, with the clown effect.

    Charlie got into a thing with taking off his shoes constantly at his old school. They insisted he wear these heavy hiking boots and tied them so intricately that he could not take them off—-he was not happy about it and various results ensued……. He has been okay keeping on his shoes and socks at the new school.

  6. Shawn says:

    The important question on my mind is how do you get everyone to put their shoes in the same place?

    One thing I continually neglect to account for is the five extra minutes to find everyone’s shoes before we leave the house. Mine included!

  7. Julia says:

    Wow, that gives me another thing to look forward to! I think Tommy’s feet are going to be too wide to get into my shoes once his feet are the appropriate length, but Sam, and then Catherine, will probably have fun with that. Tommy is interested in shoes, putting on Sam’s (too big), helping Daddy get his on, insisting that Mommy put the slippers she took off back on her feet (and helping!), etc. He pitches a fit when it’s time to take off his shoes.

    I loved putting on my father’s shoes and walking around with them when I was about 3 or so, and I’d abandon them somewhere else in the apartment, so my father would be asking my mother where his shoes were, and she’d say they’d walked off. 🙂

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