The Return of Autismland (#383)

Last Monday, the 3rd of July, I wrote that, after, writing daily about Charlie on Autismland for just over a year, I was going to stop posting everyday.
I’m afraid I’ve been something of a hypocrite. Since making my announcement, I have posted pretty much……. every day. Some days I did just put up a photo, with minimal commentary. I have started my book proposal, been thinking about the ancient Greek word kakos (“bad, evil, ugly, low-born”) in Sophocles, started to organize my desk, caught up on email, got Charlie to let me brush all of his teeth in preparation for Tuesday’s dentist visit, posted on Autism Vox. On Thursday, I posted what I consider to be more of an Autismland-type post on Autism Vox, The [autistic] Child is father of the [autistic] Man.

But then:

Early last week, the power adaptor to my laptop fried. It was thunder and lightning outside but I had never had a problem before—-except that we are now living in my father-in-law’s house and he does not have circuit breakers installed all over the place, and literal sparks flew. I have to plug in my laptop because the battery died a long time ago and I have been resisting getting a new one, as I have been saving for a new laptop—-the current one having started to crash regularly (often in the midst of posting) and lacking the 5 key.

And if that was not a sign of “Autismland needs to be Autism Every Day,” there was Jim saying to me, mid-week: “I miss it, and I live with Cholly!”

So, here I am. Posting every day about the boring, mundane, “today Charlie woke up at 4am and put on his swimsuit and then lay down diagonally in our bed so there was no room for anyone,” “today Charlie and Jim went on one of their usual hour-plus bike rides,” “today Charlie pushed the cart at Target,” “today Charlie was looking at the notes in his music book and then played the right key during his piano lesson,” “today Charlie hit his head on the stair rail and the wall maybe because he missed seeing the garage door open when Dad and Grandpa came back from the hospital to see Grandma because the nurse had the TV set on to American’s Funniest Home Videos with the volume up,” “today Charlie calmed down in two minutes,” “today we went on a post-shower ride past some of Jim’s old haunts,” “today was another great Autismland adventure.” About the usual of Autism Every Day.

If I had not already decided to call my book Autismland, I think I would have to steal that title—Autism Every Day— from a certain video.

My very brief hiatus from blogging every day at Autismland has reinforced in me the reason why I blog—why I need to blog—every day about Charlie, about autism. Somehow, sitting down at the end of the day and writing about the simple facts of our lives—of Charlie’s life—gives me hope. Sometimes nothing much happens, sometimes tough things happen, and all I can do is to bear witness to the truth of the Autism Reality Show Starring Charlie. Sometimes all I can think about is how beautiful, precious, and happy my Charlie boy—my autistic son—my disabled child—my shining light of my life—-is, just like a little girl named Katherine “Katie” McCarron, a little girl who is no longer with us and who I think about a lot.

I think about her every day.

I think about how we can, we should, never lose sight of hope and joy and of how we can best bear witness to the hope and joy children like Katie and Charlie and so many more bring to this world.

Every day.

I’ll be back tomorrow.

14 Responses to “The Return of Autismland (#383)”
  1. KC'sMommy says:

    Righteous! I am really really happy that you will be blogging everyday! It’s not the same without you and Charlie. We all love reading about your awesome guy and learn so much from the awesome way you are raising Charlie.

    Yay! KC’sMommy

  2. Sharon Faulk says:

    Blogging is digital scrapbooking. It’s telling the story for you, your family and everyone you want to share it with.

    I am glad you are still posting. I enjoy reading about Charlie and it inspires me to write about my boys.

  3. Liz says:

    How about this:

    Former instruction: I must blog everyday, without fail.

    Present instruction: I may blog everyday. Then again, not.

    I bought a bunch of circuit breaker powerstrips when they were on sale for 50% off. Wish I’d sent them to you.

  4. mom-nos says:

    I’m with Jim – I’ve missed it.

    And I have to say, I’ve been reading for a year now and so far I haven’t found anything boring or mundane about Charlie!

  5. I’m really really happy to have made an about-face, I’ve missed it …….. “digital scrapbooking” is a great analogy.

    Liz, thanks for the instructions and I’ll keep my eyes open for on-sale powerstrips!

  6. Christine says:

    I’m just back from a month-long hiatus from the web myself so I was blissfully unaware that you’d decided to take a break. But I’m glad you changed your mind. Reading about your adventures in autismland often helps me keep perspective throughout my adventures!

  7. Tara says:

    I’m so glad you have reconsidered your break from posting. I’m new to this medium of blogging and I am overwhelmed by the sheer scope and depth of your blog. There is so much for me to follow-up on! I look forward to visiting more often for news of Charlie.

  8. Wade Rankin says:

    Ordinarily, I”I’m afraid I’ve been something of a hypocrite.”

    Ordinarily, I take a stand against hypocrisy. But I’ll (happily) make an exception just this once. 😉

  9. May I never indulge in hypocrisy again…..

  10. kyra says:

    i love your message about hope and joy and it shines through brilliantly in your posts about dear dear charlie!

  11. gretchen says:

    (I tried to leave this comment a couple days ago, but typepad was down for maintenance!!)

    The only thing is- maybe you could post weekly summaries or something? (mostly joking)

    When I can’t read for awhile (like the 2 weeks Henry had pneumonia) then it is daunting to see that I have 14 posts to catch up on. But I don’t want to miss anything…

    Still, welcome back.

  12. Gretchen, you’re too good!

    My thought was to do weekly summaries. But there’s something about blogging, or the way I’ve been writing this blog, that demanded the every day format. I am trying to post shorter entries (esp. knowing you read ’em all—-wow, tx!).

    (Jim also reminded me that certain of my California relatives were probably missing it…….)

  13. Hsien Lei says:

    Awww. Usually I’m charmed by Charlie but today, Jim’s the charming one. It is so sweet how encouraging of each other you are. What a wonderful couple you make for both yourselves and Charlie!

  14. Julia says:

    It’s nice reading all you want to post. 🙂

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