Weather Boy (#393)

Charlie woke up hot and damp and did not so much get out of bed as he was gently tugged from it. He wrapped himself in Daddy’s blue blanket (a navy blue not really soft after multiple washings queen-size fleece blanket) and knelt down on the landing, face to the carpet, minutes before the bus was to come.
Outside, it was no longer the sauna it has been but I could still detect the faint heaviness and smell of the air that always reminds me of summers in St. Louis when Charlie was a baby and a toddler with a big, bobbling head. Today, Charlie stood in Grandpa’s front yard with his head tilted to the side and munched his breakfast, then stared at the open door of the bus for a full minute before getting on. Frowning.

Charlie had a great school day. His class walked to the town library to get library cards and, for the first time, Charlie participated in a small group language lesson with his classmates(he has been primarily working 1:1), and did very well. Grandpa had asked if we should forego buying hamburger meat after yesterday’s behavior squall but there was a bit more in the “frijerwator” and I cooked it and helped Charlie use his knife to cut it. He ate; called for his ABA therapist and ran out to greet his car; got stuck on saying the phrase “cake! ice cream” and giggling a couple dozen times for a half-hour (the ABA therapist worked through it and soon a smiling Charlie was getting a piggy-back ride); swam and swung; happily walked around Target to buy some pink ribbon; hummed some jazz violin music all evening after hearing it playing in the car.

By evening, we were riding in the black car with the windows down—no need for the AC (or “AyZee!” as Charlie would say)—and a breeze blowing through. Charlie did not fall asleep until past 10.30pm, but he was not hyper and silly and running all over the place as he has been for the past two, heat-wave days.

Who needs Al Roker when you’ve got a certain weather boy?

One Response to “Weather Boy (#393)”
  1. kyra says:

    i know! plus charlie is SO MUCH CUTER than al roker! and more dependable! and more delightful!

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