Gone Sailing (#452)

Charlie pulled on his blue school backpack and ran out to the black car. It was 8.30pm: Jim had just gotten home after driving (or, sitting unmoving in traffic) 3 1/2 hours from the Bronx to our house. “Charlie,” said Jim as he came in the door, “are you ready to get on a boat tomorrow?”
“Boat too-morrow,” said Charlie.

“To go sailing?”

“Sail-lying,” said Charlie.

We loaded up the car, waving away Grandma and Grandpa’s worries: “It took Jim how long to drive home! What awful weather, what if it rains at the shore? Did Charlie get enough to eat? How can you drive in the dark?”

Charlie sat up straight, his brown eyes big under his sweatshirt hood as we drove down the Garden State Parkway with an obligatory break at a rest-stop for chips and soda. It was raining, as it has been all week. We got to our motel after 10pm, dropped our bags, and went to look at the ocean.
The water was dark and white, tall waves turning over and under. I could just see Charlie’s and Jim’s outlines, but I could sense that Charlie—back home in the ocean—was was smiling.

Charlie was ready to go see “b’ue ocean!” soon as he woke up (before us). Out we went under gray sky—-he wet his feet and ran them through the mealy sand, with a hidden, pleased look—-just before noon, the sun came out and blue skies bloomed just in time for Charlie and Jim to board a boat with Heart of Sailing, which organizes daysails for special needs kids.

Stay tuned for Charlie’s sailing adventure!

I am glad the sun is out but, in truth, Charlie is always at home in the ocean, in sunshine and in rain.

One Response to “Gone Sailing (#452)”
  1. Lisa/Jedi says:

    Can’t wait to hear about your sailing adventures!

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