Time Will Tell (#453)

This is Charlie in the hooded blue fleece sweatshirt that he refused to wear last year. The neck opening is rather narrow and he more than winced when it was yanked over his head (especially his big round forehead).
When we moved into my in-laws’ house back in June, we only took some of our clothes and things, which remain sort of put into closets and drawers and bags, and in sort-of-organized piles. So earlier this week as I was getting Charlie ready to ride the yellow school bus and the rain was coming down, the only jacket-thing I could find was the blue fleece pullover.

“Here, put on this sweatshirt,” I said.

Charlie ducked his head down and put it right on, his newly crew-cut head pushing quickly through the small opening. The hood over his head, his hands stuffed in the front pocket, and his backpack on, he looked the picture of nine-year-old “don’t baby me, Mom” boyhood.

Ever since, he has been quick and more than willing to put on the sweatshirt, hood and all. It was the perfect thing to wear on the beach last night, after which Charlie took “b’ue swehs’irt” to bed with him. It was also just right for keeping warm at the top of a lighthouse, where the three of us were this morning before Charlie and Jim went sailing under a cloudless blue sky.

Sometimes it takes a good year (or more) for Charlie to grow into things.

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