There’s a Love Song in This Post (#459)

The moment that I had not exactly been waiting for, but knew was likely, happened: Charlie had a difficult morning at school.
He was greeting his fellow students as he always does at the start of his school day; he began to cry and was directed over to a mat to calm down. He did, then banged his head on the mat at a first attempt to transition him back. After a few more minutes, he got himself up and returned to finish greeting his classmates.

Charlie’s teacher emailed me about all this shortly after it happened, and she and I exchanged a few more emails before the school day was over. I wrote that it could be Charlie’s “Friday blues“; she noted he had been asking for his lunchbox. I speculated about a stomachache; she wondered if he might, too, have been hungry. I wrote back with a capsule history of Charlie’s long history of Breakfast Problems, including throwing the breakfast which used to result in Morning Problems Multiplied: Groggy boy not wanting to get out of bed and frowning while waiting for the bus and then sending a waffle flying and then crying to see the food on the ground = Automatic Bad Start to the Schoolday.

After eating his snack (his teacher wrote), Charlie was peaceful again. Once home, he was very somber and did not smile till—after a string of errands, to the rec center to register him for “Ant Hockey” (a sign on the door said “closed Friday at 12.30pm”—argh; we’ll be back) and to CVS for lightbulbs as Grandpa requested—we were at the grocery store where, on late Friday afternoon, I tried to plan ahead for what we would need next week. And as we stood in the check-out line, after I had shooed him from standing on the metal bar on the front of the cart, Charlie started to smile. I put Derek and the Dominoes into the CD player and Charlie (as I discerned when I looked away into the rearview mirror) was grinning his broadest, most joyous, grin.

As we drove up and down a hill in mild Friday traffic, a phrase came into my head:

I’ll always remember this, always remember how much fun we are having, me and Charlie, driving home with a load of groceries and love songs in the air.

There was another email from his teacher when we got home. Grandpa and Grandpa were watching Jeopardy as Charlie ate a pack of sushi; Grandma got all the questions on American history right, and I got the ones on Chaucer.

It was a good Friday, start to finish.

2 Responses to “There’s a Love Song in This Post (#459)”
  1. Kathy says:

    That grin.. Eh.. you can’t beat it Kristina.
    Worth more than a million dollars I reckon.
    And .. oh how it makes your heart sing.
    Love reading about Charlie. So does my 10 year old daughter. As I mentioned before your adorable little bloke reminds me so much of my little boy.

  2. ashley says:

    Phew! It’s great how you live from moment to moment.

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