Remember the Soy Milk (#492)

I have been meaning to buy soy milk since Monday.
Charlie is on the gluten-free casein-free diet and drinks either soy or rice milk. He does not seem to be ready, or to want, to eat anything when he first wakes up and usually gets up (drags himself out of the bed), gets his clothes on, and pads out the door. He does get hungry soon after arriving to school and, after a few mornings early in the year in which his teacher concluded that it would be good to get some food into him in the morning, he has been working on trying out some new breakfast foods, and seems to have taken to a linking to a new type of cold cereal with soy milk. His teacher emailed me that the milk had run out on Monday and under ordinary circumstances Charlie and I would have made one of our usual (and too many) trips to the grocery stores……..

This morning—Wednesday morning—dawned and I still had not remembered to remember the soy milk. Now it is one more day until the Autism and Advocacy conference and while the thought Remember the soy milk kept floating in among my thoughts (prepping my intro Latin class for a post-midterm quiz, going through a passage of “real Greek with my ancient Greek class, rushing to catch a PATH train to meet Jim in New York to go over the AV for the conference, orchestrating Charlie’s afternoon and evening and meals and getting onto the school bus with my parents on Friday morning).

Charlie’s school day was much better—really good, even—than yesterday, except for breakfast. He dropped a piece of watermelon the floor and got upset when told not to pick it up. Nonetheless, as I read his teacher’s email, I thought: “The soy milk!”

“We got some. It’s in a bag in the refrigerator,” my mother said to me this evening.

Now, what else might I be forgetting……..

But as Jim always says, we may rush out the door some days without a train pass or a Greek worksheet, or even my coffee—-once we made it all the way to the beach without the beach bag and our towels, sunscreen, the boogie boards etc.—-but we never, ever, ever, ever forget a certain boy named Charlie.

He will be on my mind more than anything on Friday—it is his conference, after all.

2 Responses to “Remember the Soy Milk (#492)”
  1. kyra says:

    i wish i could pass some of our soy milk through the blogosphere!

    i will be thinking of all of you tomorrow. i know the conference will be amazing. i can’t wait to hear about it!

  2. KC'sMommy says:

    Hi Kristina,

    Please tell us all about the conference, it’s sounds very exciting!


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