Framing the Circle (#527)

Charlie has a thing for circles, why I do not know. <img alt=”Liberry” title=”Charlie in the library after checking out Go Fly a Bike” src=”; width=”224″ height=”168″ border=”0″ style=”float: right; margin: 0px 0px 5px 5px;” /> The brilliant white swirl of stars and galaxies and comets in the lower right corner of his spaceship puzzle. … Continue reading

Prepositions (#526)

Charlie’s teacher and I were reviewing the Dolch words that he has been learning and both concluded that it might be best for now for him to work on concrete ones (nouns) rather than the abstractions of “it,” “the,” “are,” “on”—of pronoun, definite article, irregular verb “to be,” and preposition. My own judgment was formed … Continue reading

The Social War (#525)

Socius is the Latin word for “ally” and the Social War refers to the war fought from 91 to 88 BCE between the Roman Republic and the other cities in Italy who had been Rome’s allies prior to the war. The inhabitants of these cities in central and southern Italy could not become citizens of … Continue reading

Play It Again, Barney! (#524)

Duhn duh dah, duhn duh dah, duhn duh dah der da der dah; dah der, da da da dader deh dah da der daaaaaa………. deh der da der deh dah do. Words cannot convey the tune I have stuck in my head after hearing Charlie pick out a brand new song on the keyboard during … Continue reading

Charlie’s Metamorphosis (#523)

In nova fert animus mutatas dicere formas / corpora…: “The mind wills itself to speak of forms changed / into new bodies”: That is how the Roman poet Ovid describes what he intends to do in his Metamorphoses, an epic poem in which he recounts myth after myth, and particularly myths in which one being—a … Continue reading

Just You Wait and See (#522)

What Charlie wants, he wants now. He says “Gong Gong Po Po” and my parents are supposed to materialize right now, right here, whether (as today) he has just spent the day with them going on walks and errands and taking the train into NYC to see the Big Apple Circus—-or whether (as will be … Continue reading

Personal, Political, & Thankful (#521)

It was a great day in Autismland—-Charlie’s best Thanksgiving ever. In his navy blue blazer with gold buttons (just like Jim’s) and a red golf shirt (not like Jim’s), Charlie walked, dapper and lean, into Thanksgiving dinner. For the past years we have been going out with Jim’s relatives: While this has meant no worries … Continue reading

Likes Music, Likes Water (#520)

“He sat on the edge of his seat and kept smiling.” So my dad reported, as I thought would be the case about the Christmas Spectacular show at Radio City Music Hall: Charlie likes sounds and music, likes movement and bustling activity (and I would think that the rhythmic, repetitive, synchronized movements of the Rockettes … Continue reading

Zweckmäßigkeit (#519)

Yes, that is a German word in my title and I did actually use this word in the course of a conversation today. “Die Zweckmäßigkeit” is variously translated as “purpose, purposiveness, usefulness, fitness for purpose”; it is a term used in the German philosopher Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Aesthetic Judgment. A bowl, for instance, is … Continue reading

No Dumping (#518)

The gluten-free casein-free diet is one of those many topics that breeds dissension in autism circles. It is on the list of DAN!-approved biomedical “interventions. You can read the boooks by Karyn Seroussi (who “recovered” her son from autism) and Lisa Lewis (who did not). You can follow the diet for some years and, as … Continue reading

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