April 19, 8pm: Autism Mom-bloggers Reading in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Reading Works is pleased to present mom-bloggers, Autism’s Edges and Autismland on April 19th at 8 p.m. at The Old Stone House at Fifth Avenue between 3rd and 4th Streets.

KRISTINA CHEW, a classics professor, advocate, and mother writes a blog called AUTISMLAND as well as AUTISM VOX: “Finding out your child has autism is like the end of a love affair and the start of a new, lifelong, really beautiful relationship.” MOTHERS VOX, the nom-de-net of a mother, teacher, scholar and activist living in New York City, will read from her blog, AUTISM’S EDGES, on life, love, and learning at the edges of autism.

One Response to “April 19, 8pm: Autism Mom-bloggers Reading in Brooklyn”
  1. JanB says:

    It was nice to meet you over the phone too. I have been reading your blog for ages. I thought it was funny that Dr. Weiss, being the only male on the call, never had to identify himself. Being different has it’s advantages sometimes.

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