After the Swim (or, the real happy feet)

It’s good to feel the sand under your feet!

4 Responses to “After the Swim (or, the real happy feet)”
  1. awww he looks so happy! i have tried to comment here before but it wouldn’t take. so i amtrying again now. i have a son who is eleven and has autism and i also contributed to writing for the same book about autism that you have done. just wanted to connect and say hello.
    my website address is:

  2. Marilena says:

    Hi Kristina, greetings from Greece, congratulations on your blog, made me feel a lot better, mother of a 5 years old son with autism.

  3. jenny says:

    Hi Kristina,
    So wonderful to see Charlie enjoying the sand. The texture and the swirls must be enchanting for him. My son Cole is a similar sand-beach lover. We are so fortunate to be able to paricipate in the Surfers Healing next week in our area – maybe Charlie would be interested if he hasn’t already?

  4. He would love Surfers Healing but I was too late to get to the webpage and all the spots were taken! Alas…….he has been getting better every year on his boogie board and I’ll be posting some photos of these,, so sorry your comments did not go through! am more than looking forward to your contribution in the book….
    marilena, greetings! and thank you more than much for your words.

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