New Old Bike and a Local Kayak Ride

Charlie has a new bike—an old one of Jim's, with the seat lowered. 

Charlie checks out his new old bike

Watching Charlie ride off today, I've been realizing how his legs had become way too long for his old red bike.

Charlie rides off on his new bike with Jim

Jim wanted to try a kayak ride in a nearby (not too deep) river. After he and I had gotten the kayak into the water, Charlie said "no, no, all done" and walked very fast in the direction of the car. Jim and I agreed, it must be disconcerting for him to see the kayak in a new locale and not at the beach. So Jim paddled off and I went to the car, holding a paddle. Charlie reached for it and pulled it into the back seat where he'd already put his seatbelt on. I explained that Jim was just going to spend some time paddling in the river and we'd wait, and starting grading some student papers. After ten minutes, I felt the car rock a bit and the sounds of shoes sliding on the back seat vinyl. On turning around, I saw Charlie, paddle in hand, heading to the river.

Charlie gets in the kayak in the river

Jim came back, Charlie climbed in, and off they went. He did a little paddling, too.

Jim and Charlie paddle away

They were gone long enough for me to finish my grading and start reading about the Phoenicians, who knew a thing or two about boats themselves.

Kayak companions

10 Responses to “New Old Bike and a Local Kayak Ride”
  1. Club 166 says:

    Oh my!!!
    All of this accomplished without a helmet!!!
    And no need for 4 people to do a “takedown”!!!
    What is the world coming to…

  2. Mrs. C says:

    Kristina, this is exactly the sort of thing “Elf” would do, except that he is verbal. He would get very upset. If you wait for a bit in a calm place, you’d be surprised how he can adjust to the idea on his own. Thank you for posting this; it’s lovely.

  3. Mrs. C says:

    Well, Charlie is verbal, too, but I meant that Elf would give you an entire verbal essay about it. Well, you knew what I meant. 😛

  4. Christine says:

    Oh, I love this! I love that you gave Charlie the choice and the time to make a decision for himself. Way to go Charlie!!!

  5. Emily says:

    It’s all about acclimation and making your own decisions. Just like it is with everyone.
    I’m glad Jim has the time to devote to these outdoor activities with Charlie. It’s just about the best thing parents can do with their kids, in my opinion.

  6. autismvox says:

    @Emily, it means a lot to Jim to be able to do these things with Charlie…..I’ll just say, Jim’s dad didn’t do these sort of things with him! Both of my guys do good when they’re in motion, preferably when water is involved.
    @Christine and Mrs. C., I figured, Charlie’s certainly communicating his thoughts and how important is it that he gets in a kayak; best to remain calm and at ease.
    @club166, well, he is wearing the helmet on his bike but I guess that would be an “appropriate” use of a helmet…..

  7. Regina says:

    What Joe said.
    Nice post – and a telling antidote to other less positive current events. (Gosh they look like they’re having fun.)
    Warm regards.

  8. Regina says:

    What Joe said.
    Nice post – and a telling antidote to other less positive current events. (Gosh they look like they’re having fun.)
    Warm regards.

  9. Emma says:

    Reading about Charlie cycling and kayaking literally puts a smile on my face – a much cheesier one than this 🙂
    You are so right to think about how important it is anyway, and let Charlie make his own mind for these things (I get fed up with hearing the word compliance)

  10. Liz Ditz says:

    Totally out of line — but do you think you can persuade Charlie & Jim to wear life vests, even in the very shallow river?
    [it is one of my little obsessions, the life vests when boating]

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