Sunlight and Rain

After flying into San Francisco at 10.30pm on Friday night, I stayed up till 2am talking to my parents. Saturday the sun shone warm (temps in the 70s) on a beautiful day in Oakland. I want to say more about the service for
Ngin Ngin. I've just a few more hours visiting my parents here in their house and want to get in some more chat of the live kind, so this post will be brief. (No. my parents are not on Facebook.) (Yet.) 

The photo shows where we all said our final good-byes to Ngin Ngin, up on a mountain in the cemetery. From here, you look out over the San Francisco Bay, the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge, and beyond to the Pacific Ocean, all the way back to China. 

I had woken up at 6am PST (=9am EST) and, when I talked to Jim at 7.15am/10.15am, found out that he and Charlie had already been on a bike ride, breakfasted on bagels, and gotten completely soaked in a freezing rain on the way back.  

Can I say this boy's got something in him—some kind of spirit, some kind of spunk? Charlie did not complain or whine on what must have been a cold (to say the least) and rugged ride back home, and I'm not saying that just because Charlie's language is limited. On his bike with Jim, Charlie knows he's going to get where he needs to; knows he can get home no matter what the weather.

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  1. Down here in Los Angeles the temps on Sat were high in the 90s, same with Friday. By the end of this upcoming week it will be back up to the 90s again. I am waiting for fall to start.

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