Wednesday Came and Went

We're never, and can never, I think, be entirely sure how much Charlie understands of what he hears. Ever since, years ago, our dear friend Mike chided Jim and me for speaking about Charlie in the 3rd person in front of him, we've tried our best to "presume competence" and proceed as if, even though … Continue reading

Never Too Late For a Little Holiday Glow

 It's a good thing that we lived for two years in St. Paul. The summer we moved into our 2nd floor duplex (in the Merriam-Grove area, just a few blocks from Macalester College) I ordered two beige LL Bean parkas in size L and in size S. We've packed their puffinesses up through several moves … Continue reading

Trying to Get Back Into the Swim of Things

When, around 1.30pm, Charlie appeared in his swimsuit, I figured he was–as he had some days ago–going to make as if he were at the beach, while actually in our bathtub. When he put on his shoes and blue fleece jacket while still wearing his suit, I should have known he had something else in … Continue reading

Dealing with Day-to-Day Health Concerns (when your child can’t always tell you about them)

 Thanks to everyone for your kind wishes and comments about Charlie and our latest ER experience. The pediatricians' office called us yesterday afternoon to check in on Charlie. I need to stop by there later this week anyways, to get a form from Charlie's school filled out. I'm hopeful that we'll still be able to … Continue reading

At the ER

"He's twelve?"  This was uttered by at least one EMT and one nurse who saw Charlie yesterday.  Charlie's age and his height and size are always on our minds, but ever so much on Saturday. In the morning, we took him to his pediatrician's office. Earlier this week, Charlie had bitten his mouth at school. … Continue reading

Christmas on the Waterfront

Where else did you think we’d spend it, in the year in which Jim’s book came out? Actually, the day started with a visit to familiar environs. Charlie and I spent the morning making the Tour of his school. Yesterday we just drove around the encircling streets. As we were just about to finish our … Continue reading

Follow Through or, Slowly Through the Snow

We spent way too much of Christmas Eve Day/Day 1 of Camp Charlie, Winter Session, in the white car. Morning drive to Charlie's school (the gates were shut and locked so we had to settle for driving the perimeter). Afternoon drive to see my mother-in-law in the nursing home, with the sled in the back … Continue reading

4+ Hours

That's how many more hours Charlie had of school, as he only had a half-day Wednesday. It was his last day of school for 2009. On the one hand, he could have done without the half-day and he was, indeed, going to do without it, but "the best laid (travel) plans go to waste" and … Continue reading

On Seneca Road

Charlie had a good day at school on Tuesday and was amenable to playing a little piano and watching some videos I thought would be good (i.e., videos he could have done without, like this), and assented to a brisk walk that involved slipping over ice and breaking a path through a snowy field. So … Continue reading

Vaccines, Airplanes, & the Past Decade

 The notion that vaccines are somehow a "cause" of autism and "anti-vaccine quackery" as the "worst pseudoscience of the decade?" So proposeth Orac over at Respectful Insolence at and I can't but concur. Charlie being born in 1997 and diagnosed with autism in 1999, the noughties/oughties or howsoever you wish to call the soon-to-be-ending decade … Continue reading

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