A Nice Monday (what else can I say?)

Charlie walking in the Yanitelli Center on Sunday  Monday began at 5.00am with Charlie popping ("waking" sounds too mundane) out of his bed, getting dressed, and bringing all of his favorite items—a blanket, worry beads—downstairs, used the computer while I made coffee, waited while I went out for a morning run, loaded his stuff and himself into the car. It took another hour for Jim and me to get ourselves in order, but (1) the air was surprisingly mild and (2) Charlie seemed quite content. Indeed, every time I opened the door to check on him or put in an item, he gave me a smile.

He and Jim dropped me off at the train and after a last minute bout of "no school tomorrow, no school tomorrow" and a request for a "green drink," Jim saw a happy boy walk into school. Charlie remained just so for the rest of the day, on a walk with Jim, in the car to pick me up and watch me make a fast run into the grocery store (not ready to attempt a shopping trip yet), at home. He rummaged through the shopping bags to find the things he likes, watched a few video clips, ran around the house (it's a smallish house with a sort of L-shape on the first floor and Charlie likes to make his rounds from kitchen to dining room to living room and up and down the stairs), asked for "bedtime." After he'd been in his room for about an hour he re-emerged, redressed, and asked for a walk and who can say no to such a request? 

Charlie got a chance to exhibit his burgeoning running prowess when we ran into two large dogs: Charlie ran a fast line in the opposite direction. He then resumed his walking, punctuating this with sudden bouts of gazelle-ish sprinting. (Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but he sure moved swiftly and efficiently, two warm coats and snowy slush be d****d.) Once home, Charlie went straight to bed.

It was a Monday unmarked by commotion (minus a little anxiety about getting Charlie's prescriptions refilled; those insurance companies!) and so pretty much boring, which is fine with me.

Well, boring on the homefront, that is. Not that you want to know, but when I got to work I found pieces of the ceiling of my classroom (which had been leaking in two places last week) on the floor and two recycle bins almost filled to the brim with water. And the there's the issue of state budget cuts to funding for individuals with disabilities………… But what's to worry about when you know somewhere else there's one very happy school boy?

6 Responses to “A Nice Monday (what else can I say?)”
  1. Monica says:

    What can you say? Krisina, you need to say no more! “A NIce Monday” is nothing short of a triumph!

  2. emma says:

    Is the snow finally over? Glad you all had a good day, and that Charlie is enjoying his (not so)new school.

  3. Regina says:

    Sweetheart – that’s not boring,- that’s life. Enjoy!
    [They really do have to get around to patching the roof on your building, before the whole thing buckles. You may not have been too far off the mark about that yellow “keep out” tape.]

  4. autismvox says:

    And Tuesday wasn’t half-bad either!
    I got the official notice today that my classroom is unusable and we’ve be reassigned to another corner of our (smallish) college campus. Students told me there are now three recycle bins there and the water is dripping all over the floor.

  5. autismvox says:

    it’s supposed to snow tomorrow = Wednesday now. But it’s been warmer and hopefully it will be just rain, which can go ahead and melt all the snow…….

  6. jennyalice says:

    It sounds like Charlie’s little speed ups are like fartlek training! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fartlek
    Our friend Judy’s son sometimes gets up from the television goes out to their cul de sac and races up and down for 10 minutes.. so fast you can hardly see him.. then he goes back to sitting quietly.

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