Better Call on Zeus

It's rain rain rain in New Jersey. Roads and streets closed. Monsoon amounts of water falling all Saturday (starting on Friday) from the sky and through till Monday.  Charlie walks in any weather but this has been something else; the field that is part of his walks must be grass and mud soup. Jim told me, after a day inside and in the white car, Charlie just stood on the front porch and beheld the waterfall falling from the sky.

Pretty much the worst situation to hear about while one's far away from home.

Jim took Charlie on rides as much as he could (one of those blocked roads being a local highway). After initially saying "no," Charlie assented to pluck on the bass a little and watched a YouTube video. Charlie waited while Jim and my dad got the internet (which kept going off and on in the rain; this storm is diabolical) going again.

When I called in the late afternoon, around 11pm where I am, Charlie told me "hi mom." Jim said he'd said "mom airplane" earlier.

It was drizzle and light rain as we visited the tholos tomb in Mykines and drove on a single-lane road to ancient Olympia. There are some days when one wishes one could have the powers of some Greek god from the old myths and snatch away the storms from one part of the earth and—while monsoon weather wouldn't make touring monuments too much fun—stick them in another.I think I'll send a wish skyward to let the sun hurry on out and shine where it's so needed.

Nonetheless, Jim and Charlie still took a father/son gambol alone in the wet wet world and got soaked beyond soaked. We do go with him in all and any weathers and wherever in the world we may be.

3 Responses to “Better Call on Zeus”
  1. I found myself smiling throughout this one — so much you talk about is familiar, and always with so much comprehension and love. This post made me think of Ned and Nat, in dogged pursuit of a walk that would involve taking the T, rain, shine, snow, alien invasion…

  2. All winter, you guys have been my shining example. I say things to myself like “Kristina & Charlie walk in snow, for heaven’s sake, you can walk in the cold.”
    And then the rain hit here, too. Hope Charlie & Jim get out for a walk soon.

  3. autismvox says:

    Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor heat of day, stops us all from walking with our kids……..

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