Out and About: Liberty State Park & Hoboken

Charlie running in front of the old train shed at Liberty State Park
 We returned to some old haunts on Saturday.

Charlie got off us to an early start. Rather out of the blue, we went to Liberty State Park in Jersey City before 10am, along with people from Quebec, Missouri, Michigan, California, New York, Pennsylvania, and many other places.

Charlie walking towards Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty on a Saturday morning in early April

Charlie walked, ran, and smiled his way as far out as we could walk towards Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. We've never taken the ferry with Charlie—I've never been on it myself and the lines were already long; good times for us mean being outside and moving around.

Both of which we did, in spades.

Charlie walking with Ellis Island in the background 

Charlie and Jim walking with the skyline of lower Manhattan behind
Charlie's walked as far as he can (Ellis Island is east)

Charlie walking back towards lower Manhattan (which is across the Hudson River) 

After refueling with grilled cheese and summer rolls, we drove up to Hoboken and found (small miracle) a parking spot on the street, right off the main thoroughfare, Washington Street. 

Jim and Charlie walking on Washington Street in Hoboken

We of course had to go down to the waterfront and check out the new construction on Pier C (where some of On the Waterfront was shot) and, too, the Manhattan skyline.

Charlie walking on the Hoboken waterfront across from midtown Manhattan and the Empire State Building
Jim and Charlie check out construction on a new park at Pier C 

Charlie and Jim in the Hoboken train station
Also on yesterday's agenda: 7 walks and 2 bike rides, one as the sun was setting.

Charlie on bike ride #2, just as the sun sets

These peregrinations to various local sites—too long not visited (here are Jim and Charlie walking Hoboken six years ago)—gave us high hopes in the best way. 

It's good to be out.

4 Responses to “Out and About: Liberty State Park & Hoboken”
  1. Rose says:

    You people wear me out just reading about what you do. Also, having been to the Big Apple only once in my life, it’s amazing to see what’s going on from the center of the earth…an Souix term, but appropriate for America.

  2. Club 166 says:

    Good to see that the sun’s come out. Looks like a great time!

  3. Club 166 says:

    Good to see that the sun’s come out. Looks like a great time!

  4. autismvox says:

    We were all pretty tired today but off we went……to the beach…….but always good to be out with Charlie!

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