Shadows and Sun and Gray and Sky

Jim and Charlie walking on the beach on a cool spring day
It was cloudy and gray and cool around home, with rain looking very likely on on Saturday. 

Whatever the weather: As you've most likely guessed at this point, we had an active day, with walks in our neighborhood and at Liberty State Park across from lower Manhattan (I wasn't able to go on this walk, as at I was at an Open House for my college), a bike ride, and some beach walking. 

I had brought along a hooded sweatshirt for Charlie but he only put it on at Jim's and my insistence. Having been convinced to go sans winters during a couple of days when the temperatures went into the high 80s, Charlie seems to have decided to do without any sort of jacket, regardless of the weather. The one bit of 'winters' he's hanging onto seem to be his fleece gloves; it's possible, too, that his hands and fingers get cold and the gloves are a way of preventing this, while not being weighed down by excessive clothing.

Charlie has taken to do some bouts of sprinting on our neighborhood walks, often when there's a straightaway. I'm starting to think that his not wearing a jacket is of a piece with these sprints, which certainly warm him up. Too, Charlie has most likely realized that, unencumbered by a heavy fleece, he can run all the more faster.

Down at the ocean, the wind was really blowing, so those walks were (per Charlie's request) much shorter than last week's. Jim and I had actually been thinking of skipping an ocean visit Saturday, due to it being so cloudy but early in the afternoon Charlie had donned his swimsuit and loaded his boogie board in the trunk of the white car and—after a bit of waiting, during which Charlie watched the numbers spin down on his iPod touch timer and I graded some papers—off we went. 

The sun came in and out on our ride down. As we stood on the sand watching a surfer in the waves, the sun came out full and bright over Atlantic City. Then when we turned around towards the shore, the sky was streaked with clouds with shadows and light spaces alternating—a potentially potent metaphor for life with Charlie, you might say.

Or, just another reason why the three of us feel so at home at the beach.

Beach sky, with gray and light and shadows


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