Monday, Very Much On the Move

Charlie riding his bike  Charlie's waking hours on Monday began at 4am and ended around 10pm. 

As you may imagine, there was a lot of activity (two and two-thirds long walks) during that time.

Not to mention a good school day.

And a speed racer speed sort of bike ride.

And a tune-up for the white car (it does get a lot of driving) and a couple of college classes.

 I posted about the link, or not, between autism and bowel disease at, and now it's onto considering the lives of women in the latter part of the Roman Republic for a Tuesday morning class.

After which, we'll see what activities the rest of the day brings.

2 Responses to “Monday, Very Much On the Move”
  1. TC says:

    I took a bunch of walks on Sunday (I’m an as-many-walks-as-I-can-get gal) and during one of them–as evidence of the power of the ‘net–I started thinking…you know, I ought to be living with Charlie and his folks! (Mine were all during daylight hours though; I wouldn’t be nearly as cheerful at 4 am as you guys.

  2. autismvox says:

    Daytime walks work to for him (and us)!

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