Transition Day

Tuesday was Transition Day with a capital T: It was Charlie's last day of being home on his week off between school ending and summer school/Extended School Year beginning and it was the last day of my parents' visit. He didn't ask to go to the ocean; on our visit Monday, I sensed that he … Continue reading

Master of Timing, & Timers

Today's title is brought to you courtesy of Jim, who uttered that very phrase about us three Tuesday at 4.55pm. That's the time that we had the good, or the bad (depending on how you look at it) fortune to get to the beach, just in time to see the lifeguards packing up. We hadn't … Continue reading


Our Nostalgia Tour '10 continues. Sunday, we didn't go to the beach. We had to return the black minivan to the rental car place at the airport. Charlie got right into it with his favorite things, owing to which I was enjoined to come along for the ride as I know exactly how many little … Continue reading

Another Beach Post, A Different Ride

Looking back over the past week's posts, we've been going a lot to the beach—last Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday and, yes, yesterday, Saturday. Guess we're making up for not going the previous weekend. And, too, starting last winter, we got into the habit of weekend beach trips, let there be snow or not. Needless to … Continue reading

Charlie is an Ocean Swimmer

We got to the beach after 3pm yesterday which was a good thing, as the lifeguards stay until 5pm and Charlie wanted to be a solo swimmer. (To see the video in a wider format, go here.)  For years, years and years we've been worrying over how to teach Charlie to swim between the … Continue reading


 Mothers of autistic children pay at work reads the headline of an article about a newly published study in the Social Science Journal. Washington State University Vancouver researchers studied 326 families in Washington and Oregon who had a child on the autism spectrum. The study found that ….. about half the women worked fewer hours to … Continue reading

I think this was what you’d call a full day (or, life is a merry-go-round)

Wednesday we, Charlie included (but not my mom and dad who got to 'sleep in'), awoke at 4.30am, got in the white car, and went to the lab at a nearby hospital where, one year after his neurologist had wrote out a list of tests, Charlie had his blood drawn. The neurologist had requested that … Continue reading

A Little South Jersey Odyssey

Tuesday, the first day of Charlie's inbetween-school-and-ESY-vacation, was a fine day, despite a lot of 'despites' (as you'll see as you read on). It started (after a walk and breakfast in the white car, as Charlie likes to do sometimes when he knows we are going to go for a ride) with a visit to … Continue reading

‘Smile’ & ‘Sunny’

Expect the above scene to get repeated approximately three times a day until next week, when my mom and dad—Po Po and Gong Gong, Cantonese for 'maternal grandmother' and 'maternal grandfather'—head back home to California. You can be sure, they (and my beloved Great Uncle Walt) have been aiming cameras of every sort at Charlie … Continue reading

Siesta Time?

For the past two weeks, Charlie's been taking a late afternoon (5pm-ish) nap, after coming home from school, snacking, using the computer. We've been usually waking him (or trying to) after about an hour using 'natural noise' (turning on the radio, opening a window) and his iPod Touch timer. Even without these, Charlie generally only … Continue reading

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