‘Mexican,’ he said, and we delivered

I finished my essay and am in the midst of writing a short piece for something else—-Charlie went back to school after the holiday without fuss or muss; called, as usual, for two bike rides and a walk (the weather's been lovely and outside is the place to be); said 'Mexican' on his own so clearly that who could resist taking him to get a burrito?

Not us, for sure.

He biked, we biked, we walked

5 Responses to “‘Mexican,’ he said, and we delivered”
  1. Niksmom says:

    Mi gusto mucho! (Aaaaand that’s about the extent of my Spanish! LOL)

  2. Louise says:

    Charlie loves to eat, like any fast-growing adolescent boy. It’s a great way to encourage him to “use his words” in new and varying ways – and to use *new* words, as well.
    Does he say “burrito,” “sushi”, “watermelon”? Does he ask for “brownie mix”? Too bad he didn’t get hooked on making some *other* baked good that you would actually eat, like bread.
    Charlie might like a bread-making machine – you put all the ingredients into the bin, and then turn it on. You can watch the spasmodic stirring of the ingredients through the window, and even check on the rising of the bread. Plus it makes great pizza dough.

  3. autismvox says:

    Sabia bien!
    Charlie says all those words–‘Mexican’ was new and the clarity with which he said it notable. — he liked bread a lot when he was a toddler but we put him on the gluten- free casein- free diet when he was 2, as many people thought that diet was helping their autistic kids a lot. So he got used to eating sushi, rice, non- gluten-y stuff and he’s not inclined to eat a lot of things (pizza included) as a result. (being the boy of habit that he is.) There’s much better gluten-free bread now but the ones available, and that I made, when he was little were not to his liking.

  4. Chelsea says:

    ¡Hola! ¿Como esta Charlie?
    I was obsessed with the country of Mexico for a short period of time, yet I have never learned that much about it. I had a stuffed rabbit that I named “Mexi Bunny” and it probably embarrassed my mom a little 😛

  5. autismvox says:

    él está bien, gracias!
    I can understand that, I think—I’m a bit obsessed with Greece right now, in a most positive sense. — I actually don’t know Spanish and have been trying to learn it.

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