A Lot Can Happen In a Little Bit of Time

Gong Gong always has his camera ready, rain or shine

The best way to describe Monday is through a timeline.

4am. Charlie wakes up. Showers, etc.

4.25am. Charlie asks for a walk. Jim suggests a bike ride; I point out that it is kind of early. I set this Giant Timer app on Charlie’s iPad—it is simplex elegans, a giant digital timer with neon  chartreuse numbers—for a half-hour.

5am. Charlie and I go for a walk.

6.15am. We return to find Jim up and getting ready to catch the train.

7am. Charlie goes back to bed. He feels a little warm and, as he is soon sound asleep, I contemplateh im staying home from school.

8.45am. Charlie wakes up (at precisely the time that his school day starts) and is out of bed, dressed, running down the stairs, and smiling. And not hot.

9.55am. I drop Charlie off at school.

10.45am – 2pm. Furious work session in my office in which I manage to write a summer fellowship application, read through a pile of applications for others, email, grade, talk to the department secretary, and review the rules for conditional sentences in ancient Greek.

3.50pm. Charlie’s bus arrives. (I was home by 3.15, having even had time to get gas at our favorite cheap gas station which goes by the name of ‘Gas.’)

4.30-5pm. Charlie pulls out the little white laptop he’s been using and that we’re passing onto my newly-Mac-oriented parents (take that, Toshiba) and sets it up on the blue couch. I turn on his iPad on the floor. Charlie says ‘no’ to typing on the iPad and ‘yes’ for the laptop and then, when thumbnails of several videos appear on the iPad screen, touches one (not hard enough) and then pushes lightly on it with a finger (and my help) and watches some of the video.

5.10pm. Jim returns and he and Charlie go on a bike ride during which it starts to rain (but not exactly pour).

6.40pm. Jim and Charlie return. Another shower and Charlie stomps down the stairs to pull out everything he likes from both freezer and fridge, open containers, microwave, line everything up (the dishtowel too) on the counter and exit stage satisfied.

7.20pm. Charlie paces the dining and living rooms laughing and saying ‘no!’ when my mom says ‘we love you!’ (She gets the joke; Charlie does like to be a tease.)

7.50pm. Charlie says ‘bedtime’ and that’s it.

Signing off to go read up on Roman family law and very grateful for our big-little filiusfamilias.

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