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I’m Kristina Chew, a Classics professor; mother of a 13-year-old son, Charlie, who’s on the moderate to severe end of the autism spectrum; a translator and teacher of Latin and ancient Greek; a blogger, formerly at My Son Has Autism/Autismland (2006-2008), Autism Vox (2006-08) and Change.org(2008-09); currently blogging about education, health policy, and disability at Care2.com; happily married to cultural historian James T. Fisher. I’m currently writing a book about life on the long road with Charlie.

You can find me on Twitter and Facebook and email me at kc@kristinachew.com.

Thank you again for reading We Go With Him.

One Response to “About”
  1. Ana Sampson says:

    Dear Kristina
    I stumbled across your blog and found it fascinating. I work for Michael O’Mara Books in the UK and we have just published a book called A Real Boy, which is a couple’s story of life with their profoundly autistic son David. The book made me both laugh and cry – their courage and their sense of humour are inspirational and the book has touched many people. I wondered whether you might be interested to see a copy for review?

    All best wishes

    Ana Sampson, Michael O’Mara Books

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