Preventative Measures

Before heading out to the New Jersey horse country bike path, we stopped to at a gas station to put air in in the bikes's tires. As Jim did this, I was idly looking around and noted the license plate on a woman's car: CUREFRK As in, 'cure freak'—someone who is a freak about a … Continue reading

Hypotonic No More

Thanks to Jill, Antonio DA, Barbara, and Melanie for your comments on Monday's post, Stick With It, in regard to the curious pattern in Charlie's learning: 'An initial big effort with a concerted output of energy, followed shortly by a request to be done with it, and now, and stated adamantly.'  Jill wrote referred to this pattern … Continue reading

Here There Be Dolphins

We had a little triumph yesterday at the beach and it wasn't of a swimming sort. Charlie did have a superb time in the ocean (a bit more on that to follow), Afterwards, Charlie, in accordance with the latest routine, asked to ride the ferris wheel. We stopped for some sandwiches—I'm a vegetarian but I … Continue reading

Ebbs and Flows

Charlie having done ABA since he was 2 years and 4 months old, and Charlie having had his share of 'behavior issues,' we've become quite familiar with some patterns in his learning and in the fall and rise of his behaviors. One pattern is that, after Charlie has mastered something, he takes a few steps … Continue reading

Sleep, Ice, (No) Gas, My “Suitcase,” Latin, Gore-tex. And CAM.

 Don't know about you, but we had a real Monday Murphy's Law morning. Most likely as a result of waking up so early on Sunday, Charlie was wrapped up tightly in his blankets with less than five minutes to go on Monday. After a little coaxing (which is already too much for Charlie these days), … Continue reading

Listening on the Wild Side

My longtime blog-friend Gretchen wrote this yesterday in regard to my account of our Sunday morning visit to Barnes & Noble and the purchase of a familiar DVD: How do you and Jim handle it when Charlie asks for things that you just don't want him to have anymore/don't think are "good" for him anymore? … Continue reading

Some Problems of Public School Autism Programs

What's the best school, the right school, for Charlie? Once upon a time, I think we thought we knew, or at least had a strong inkling. It had to be ABA-based, had to have lots of structure, 1:1 staff-to-student ratio. Had to have staff with a certain type and level of training. Since Charlie was … Continue reading

The Limits of ABA 2: Keeping it Fun and Flexible

I noted we had a lovely Sunday—actually, the whole weekend was lovely. After the previous week's really rough Sunday and then last Monday when Charlie was in a crisis situation due to extreme anxiety over his pending transition to the big autism center, Halloween passed quite pleasantly. We were more worried about Sunday, especially as one of … Continue reading

The Limits of ABA

So I have been arriving slowly at a conclusion. Behavior therapy—ABA, behavioral science, however you may call it—is not helping Charlie's behavior problems. In fact, it may have even made them worse.  I'm not taking issue with ABA as a whole.  Charlie has been in some sort of school or educational program in which ABA … Continue reading

Time Off (#612)

I have been feeling guilty—–because Charlie hasn’t practised the piano since Monday. He has been spending his days with my parents (aquarium yesterday, train into New York today) while having the week off from school, and I have been spending extra time at work doing several small but suddenly urgent tasks that have piled up … Continue reading

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