Preventative Measures

Before heading out to the New Jersey horse country bike path, we stopped to at a gas station to put air in in the bikes's tires. As Jim did this, I was idly looking around and noted the license plate on a woman's car: CUREFRK As in, 'cure freak'—someone who is a freak about a … Continue reading

Parents Get The Growing Pangs Too

Hard to read about the father of an autistic child getting punched by another customer in a Boynton Beach (FL) Olive Garden restaurant and not think, now who was displaying 'inappropriate behavior' here? Another thought comes to mind, though, which is how we now rarely eat in restaurants with Charlie. Once, we did so almost … Continue reading

Travels With Charlie

When Charlie was younger I was always very tempted to name this blog Travels With Charlie, pace John Steinbeck. If there was one thing we did with Charlie, it was to go places. We went all around New Jersey and frequently to Philadelphia. We went to Washington, D.C., Boston, the Berkshires in Massachusetts, Saratoga, Vermont. … Continue reading

Territory Band

No cars were moving more than a few inches at a time when we pulled onto the Garden State Parkway on Saturday at noon so Jim drew on his local knowledge of New Jersey roadways and we went from this 2-digit state road to a 1-digit state road (where we sighted a McDonalds whose PlayPlace … Continue reading

Bus Prep

Next Tuesday: That's when Charlie will start taking the bus home from the Big Autism Center to our house. Yesterday morning Jim and I met with Charlie's teacher, a school behaviorist and the principal to discuss some strategies.  We've been Charlie back and forth to the BAC since he started there last November. Since December … Continue reading

Sunshowers and Starlight

After a rainy beach Saturday, we went back down the Garden State Parkway just around noon on Sunday. The weather forecast promised sunshine and meteorologists were right. They just didn't mention that sometimes it would be raining—even pouring—at the same time as the sun was beaming down.  This happened both as we drove down and … Continue reading

Hecklers and Teenagers, Oh My

 There's just been a bit of an extra edge hanging about Charlie this past week. He's been doing his usual activities, walks and bike rides (two of those yesterday—as well, the weather has been in the high 70s and not humid, but it's going to be back into the 90s by the weekend), computer time … Continue reading


Our Nostalgia Tour '10 continues. Sunday, we didn't go to the beach. We had to return the black minivan to the rental car place at the airport. Charlie got right into it with his favorite things, owing to which I was enjoined to come along for the ride as I know exactly how many little … Continue reading

Life Skills & Independence: On Adolescence

My friend Bonnie Sayers recently wrote a post on BellaOnline about toilet training adolescents on the autism spectrum. Bonnie has two sons on the spectrum; her younger son, Matt, is 14 years old; next year he will be in the eighth grade and in middle school. Bonnie writes that he wears Good Nites underpants and has … Continue reading

A Growing Up Boy

 Charlie came out of his school with an aide beside him Wednesday afternoon, went around to the back of our car (it's a small SUV), opened the trunk, put his bookbag and swim bag in, and slammed the back down. And got into the car which, SUV or not, pretty much only fits three people.  … Continue reading

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