Something To THINK About: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism

Charlie got in a full night's sleep on Sunday and, Monday morning, he and I had a cheery ride to the Big Autism Center, even with a brief turnaround after a few blocks when I realized that I had forgotten to give him his medications.At school, he got right out of the car and, when … Continue reading

You Travel, You Come Home (#595)

Remember Harold and his purple crayon? Harold draws his way in and out of a series of adventures—a dragon, a sailboat, a picnic of pies, a cityscape of skyscrapers like so many children’s block towers piling up, a certain window through which he steps——and he is back safe and sound in his own bed, the … Continue reading

Hot Topics in Autismland (#585)

As much as I was excited to start writing another autism blog back in April, I had a few hesitations, namely, what more did I have to say about autism than to record the stuff of our days—tough moments, triumphs, random musings in watching Charlie grow up? Moreover, I was not at all sure how … Continue reading

Unstrangers (#546)

Interview for the Autismland Fellow-ship (#512)

A Most Interesting Kid (#503)

As Far As I Can Tell (#495)

Marked Priority (#465)

Dogged Day (#460)

The Return of Autismland (#383)

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