Bye Dad Hi Dad

A few thoughts of mine on two new studies regarding the detection of autism in infants over at ending with some musings about how, even though it was not exactly easy to learn that our toddler boy had a severe and significant neuro-developmental-psychiatric disability, it was a lot easier to help Charlie through neurological storminess when he was … Continue reading

28 Mile Kind of Day

It was a 28 mile kind of day. 18 of those miles were done at a magnificent motoring-it-up pace on the Jersey horse country trail that I think has become Jim's and Charlie's favorite. And under a blazing hot sun. And after Charlie ran out of a gas station  convenience store as it didn't have … Continue reading

23 Miles. Yes It’s Charlie’s Longest Bike Ride Yet

Jim and Charlie went for a 23-mile bike ride today in New Jersey horse country (they even had to stop for some horses). No photo as I was at work teaching my 4-in-a-row. Actually, they could have done 24 miles—it was just one more mile to the end of the trail—but, as Jim noted, Charlie seemed … Continue reading

17 Miles

17 miles, that is, on the bike trail in Jersey horse country yesterday morning for Jim and Charlie. I don't have a photo because I wasn't there, as I had gone into work for meetings and other getting the semester started sorts of business. Jim told me he and Charlie ended up extending their ride … Continue reading

Biking in the Old Neighborhood

Charlie, and we, slept in Saturday morning. Jim and I were glad about this—Charlie has been maintaining what is pretty much his usual school wake-up time of 6.30-7.30am—but Charlie was unsettled. It was 'no' to a walk and 'no' to a bike ride and then Charlie saying 'I want diner' and 'I want [name of … Continue reading

Charlie Rides the Bus Home

 A little yellow schoolbus of a familiar sort pulled up in front of our house around 3.18pm yesterday. The door opened and I went and said hello to the driver and the bus aide and saw Charlie taking off his seatbelt.  It was his first day taking the bus home and it went well, aside … Continue reading

If Bike Rides Were Blog Posts….

Then you'd be reading double dailies about our boy Cholly. Here's one by Jim over at On the Irish Waterfront.

Hecklers and Teenagers, Oh My

 There's just been a bit of an extra edge hanging about Charlie this past week. He's been doing his usual activities, walks and bike rides (two of those yesterday—as well, the weather has been in the high 70s and not humid, but it's going to be back into the 90s by the weekend), computer time … Continue reading

Like Dad Like Son

Saturday's reflection on Charlie being, like Jim, a historian contains my reflections on Father's Day. Wishing all the dads out there a lovely day with those you love! Saturday, both my guys made a visit to the barber shop. I paid for parking while Jim and Charlie went ahead; they were both waiting in tan … Continue reading

Charlie the Historian

 It may sound funny, but yesterday I realized that Charlie, like Jim, is a historian, constantly reflecting on the events of the past even while living in the present. He's not always or only 'living in the moment' and focused on only what's in front of him. Charlie generally lacks what you'd have to call 'consumer … Continue reading

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