Pretty Okay: Few Words, Lots to Translate

Charlie woke up at 5.20am, showered, and came down the stairs exuberantly. It was ‘no’ to a walk and then he went to get his socks. Jim brought up the possibility of a bike ride; I pointed out that it was a bit early. Charlie (now besocked) returned back down the stairs and we asked … Continue reading

18 Miles On the Bikes At the Beach

I can't remember the last time that we, who are very much a 'beachy' family, went to the beach.  (It was a couple of weeks ago at the end of August; good thing I write this blog so I can just look it up, right?) We got so into traveling to trails and other places … Continue reading

Superlative, Without Compare

It was towards the end of my Intermediate Latin class in the early afternoon on Friday and, with 15 minutes to go, I was going over the comparative and superlative of adjectives and adverbs—how one says 'longer/more long' and 'longest/most long' in Latin (longior, longius and longissimus, longissima, longissimum, if you'd like a little Latin … Continue reading

Preventative Measures

Before heading out to the New Jersey horse country bike path, we stopped to at a gas station to put air in in the bikes's tires. As Jim did this, I was idly looking around and noted the license plate on a woman's car: CUREFRK As in, 'cure freak'—someone who is a freak about a … Continue reading

History in the Biking

We got gas and went to the bank before getting an early lunch Thursday morning, and then Charlie—off from school for Rosh Hashanah (he'd indicated his awareness of this Wednesday night when he stayed up extra late; he wasn't perturbed when I wrote 'home for a holiday today' on his iPad using DoodleBuddy; I think … Continue reading

Who Knew That Summer Vacation Could Actually Be So Good?

'Kathy!' said Charlie as we were driving out to New Jersey horse country yesterday morning.  'Thea Marilyn Flo!' All with a big smile. Those are the names of two teachers and classroom aides Charlie had some nine (nine, back in 2001), years ago, when we lived in a condo in central Jersey.  Miss Kathy's class … Continue reading

Over the George Washington Bridge

Bikes strapped to the car, we drove through the Meadowlands to Fort Lee in Bergen County, unloaded the bikes on River Road, and then Jim and Charlie rode over the George Washington Bridge. Jim had thought they'd just do the bridge and then return and then maybe we'd drive down to Liberty State Park in … Continue reading

The End of the Trail

Out on the bike trail in Jersey horse country (as in, where people have properties with super tasteful and extra large McMansions + an equally tasteful barn for the horse(s) ), there were no dogs. And the weather was so lovely, high 70s, not humid, with a steady, strong wind (courtesy of the now 100-miles-or-some-such-out-to-see … Continue reading

Countdown Time To (Shhhh!) School

Not that you needed to know this, but this working the transition business can be taxing in all domains. Mentally. Emotionally. Physically. In previous years, the transition back to school after the longer summer vacation has often been a time of 'outbursts,' 'explosions,' 'incidents' in our household. The last week preceding the return to school … Continue reading

Working the Transition: Prepping Back to School with Bikes & iPad

Charlie will be back in school next Tuesday and Thursday he and I started working the transition in full force. I made a Back to School social story using Stories2Learn on Charlie’s iPad—my very nice aunts read this SFWeekly article about how the iPad has helped my friend Shannon‘s son Leo so much and decided … Continue reading

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