Can’t Beat the Heat So Just Join In

This summer of 2010 seeming very likely to be about to go down as the Hottest Ever Since They Started Keeping Records (at least so far for June), it's inevitable that I would post about it. Especially as I am, truth to tell, a heat wimp. By which I mean, even though my genetic make-up—southern Chinese … Continue reading

You. Are. Here.

 In A Subarctic Autism Awareness Day Analogy,  Shannon proposes a "new and more appropriate geographic autism analogy" in lieu of Emily Perl Kingsley's Welcome to Holland. That essay, Shannon notes, was written for families with children with Down Syndrome; she proposes   Welcome to Yellowknife!  As Shannon writes: Receiving a child's autism diagnosis is like living in … Continue reading

Back Into It All in New Jersey

Ngin Ngin's seven great-grandchildren—Charlie is the second youngest—were a big focus at her funeral. Five of them (the youngest is a toddler) all came up to the lectern at the funeral home and read a biography of her life. As I listened to them, I thought of what Charlie might have done had he been there: … Continue reading

Sunlight and Rain

After flying into San Francisco at 10.30pm on Friday night, I stayed up till 2am talking to my parents. Saturday the sun shone warm (temps in the 70s) on a beautiful day in Oakland. I want to say more about the service for Ngin Ngin. I've just a few more hours visiting my parents here in … Continue reading

Back to the Old Gold Mountain

Charlie has been accepted into the big autism center. We will be meeting with the director and Charlie's case manager next week. I learned about this when I checked the voice mail on my office phone as Jim was driving Charlie and me for a quick diner dinner. I was due at the Newark Airport … Continue reading

Time Zone Travel (#559)

What Happened to Us in 2006 (#558)

People & Heights & Water (#557)

Under the Smile of Kwan Yin (#556)

Sentimental Journey (#555)

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