Pretty Okay: Few Words, Lots to Translate

Charlie woke up at 5.20am, showered, and came down the stairs exuberantly. It was ‘no’ to a walk and then he went to get his socks. Jim brought up the possibility of a bike ride; I pointed out that it was a bit early. Charlie (now besocked) returned back down the stairs and we asked … Continue reading

Superlative, Without Compare

It was towards the end of my Intermediate Latin class in the early afternoon on Friday and, with 15 minutes to go, I was going over the comparative and superlative of adjectives and adverbs—how one says 'longer/more long' and 'longest/most long' in Latin (longior, longius and longissimus, longissima, longissimum, if you'd like a little Latin … Continue reading

Rhetorical Questions, from Cicero to Charlie

The Twelve Tables, the Roman forum, and the finer points of litigation in ancient Rome are calling me tonight, plus I've got to write some sentences for a quiz on the Ablative Absolute and Indirect Statement for a Latin class. I don't think think I'm wrong to think that you might prefer to read yet another … Continue reading

A Happy First Day, a Little Buscapade, & Squeaking Up

Charlie and me at my parents' house circa 1999: Little did I know what I'd be called to do to make this world a good place for my little guy. Despite not going to sleep till around midnight on Sunday, Charlie's eyes were opened when I said good-bye to him at 6.35am Monday morning. Jim … Continue reading

To My Fellow Travelers & Commadres in Autismland

I have added a list of blog-friends, Fellow Travelers & Commadres in Autismland, over in the right sidebar–>.  I linked to some of your blogs and sites sometimes using the actual name of your blog/site and sometimes using your name. There's not any particular rhyme or reason to it; hope what you see is all right. I've … Continue reading

In Which I Follow Charlie’s Bus

Charlie has been doing really well taking the bus home. Last week we hadn't been able to follow the bus home as we'd asked about at 'bus prep' meeting so yesterday I decided I would do it. I had gone into my office in Jersey City for one last three-hour session with a student whom … Continue reading

Tragedy Into Comedy

As a final assignment, I asked the students in my summer school class on ancient Greek drama to write about what they understand 'tragedy' and 'comedy' to mean; to describe a movie that they consider a tragedy and another that they consider a comedy; and to write about an experience that could be considered 'tragic' … Continue reading

Just a Few Words, Lots of Action

Charlie's bus got here later today. Apparently there was an accident on the highway so that slowed things down. He was fine and had also had a good day at school. He and Jim went out for a bike ride as soon as Jim could get out the bikes and they'd just come back inside … Continue reading

Digital Connections, Real Life, and Sunshine

I'm speaking on a show called Family Caregivers Unite! on Voice America online radio on the 3rd of August 2010, at 10am EST (that is, today!, depending on what time zone you're in and when you're reading this). The show is hosted (very graciously and kindly) by Dr. Gordon Atherley. Estée Klar of The Autism … Continue reading

Language Is Just One Kind of Communication

The clunky title of this post sums up one of the greatest lessons I've learned in life with Charlie.  Charlie is 'verbal' in the sense that he can say some words and phrases to express himself. He can say those words and phrases thanks in part to years and hours of speech therapy and speech-and-articulation … Continue reading

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