Episode on a New Jersey Island (or, why I never get around to reading novels these days)

(Cross-posted at We Go With Him) Waking from a long sleep has been known to render Charlie disoriented, out of sync. He woke at 7pm, wanted to go for a long bike ride on the Jersey horse trail, settled for a short one due to darkness, we thought we’d get his habitual burrito and then … Continue reading

Always With You (in traffic; with iPad)

Charlie and I left for school at the (much more reasonable time of) 7.50am on Thursday morning. This meant that we didn't have to go out of our way to kill any time as, the later we leave, the more traffic—in the form of cars gridlocked on streets not made for such—we run into. Charlie … Continue reading

Morning Stars

Charlie woke up at 4am on Wednesday morning. By 5am he and I were out walking under the stars. I sighted Orion and the Big Dipper and thought how, six or so months ago when such early, early morning walks had become quite frequent, those constellations had been some 180 degrees elsewhere in the sky. … Continue reading

28 Mile Kind of Day

It was a 28 mile kind of day. 18 of those miles were done at a magnificent motoring-it-up pace on the Jersey horse country trail that I think has become Jim's and Charlie's favorite. And under a blazing hot sun. And after Charlie ran out of a gas station  convenience store as it didn't have … Continue reading

Little Happinesses

Charlie's teacher noted that he used the self-check to check out his groceries on his class's weekly grocery store trip Friday. That little note made me very happy. The thought of Charlie able to do something so basic and essential to taking care of himself just really excites me. There is so much that Charlie … Continue reading

‘Giraffe’ (No, We Didn’t Visit the Zoo)

Charlie and I were driving in the white car after an aborted trip to Target late Wednesday afternoon. Nothing of any particular interest, excitement, or controversy had occurred. I had picked Charlie up at school and we'd gone home, gone walking (far less humidity, still strong sun). It was a bit of a different day … Continue reading

Nox et Lux

The carnival was very crowded, for Friday was the last night; I had time to get two (ridiculously overpriced) cans of diet Coke while Jim and Charlie stood in line. It was dark and everything was lit up and I was thankful Charlie was wearing an orange shirt, as this made it easy to spot … Continue reading

In Memoriam Clara Claiborne Park

There's a little memorial to a mother of a child on the autism spectrum, Clara Claiborne Park, over at Care2.com by me. Park's 2002 book, Exiting Nirvana: A Daughter's Life with Autism is one of my favorites; her first book, The Siege: The First Eight Years of an Autistic Child, was published in 1967, one … Continue reading

Nothing Like the Real Thing

Yesterday I was reminded how far outside of mainstream popular culture is the world in which we live. I was at work, attending two presentations by guest lecturers. The first was on diseases of U.S. Presidents: Did health issues ranging from throat cancer (Ulysses S. Grant) to obesity and cancer of the mouth (William H. … Continue reading

Giving My 19 Cents Worth

Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions about dealing with hecklers.  Jim and I always have our iPhones with us when we're out walking and I will attempt to take some photos should we be heckled. Other thoughts (rather silly) are to get Charlie this t-shirt (which, I suspect, will just result in some [fill in … Continue reading

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