90 to 50

Thursday morning at 2.30am we heard the unmistakable sound of Charlie stomping and then the unmistakable sound of the shower turning on. I got out of bed: Charlie always wants to get dressed following a shower and sure enough he asked for 'shirt! pants'. And then, 'bedtime.' All right with me. Back to sleep it … Continue reading

Something To THINK About: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism

Charlie got in a full night's sleep on Sunday and, Monday morning, he and I had a cheery ride to the Big Autism Center, even with a brief turnaround after a few blocks when I realized that I had forgotten to give him his medications.At school, he got right out of the car and, when … Continue reading

Waterfront Views

Saturday wasn't a day of rest but we did remain pretty much around our house, walking morning (6.30am), noonish, and night (/evening) with a mid-morning bike ride thrown in for good measure and some bouts of computer-using and car-sitting, once with a container of vanilla Soy Delicious 'soy cream' and both times with Charlie himself … Continue reading

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

 Tuesday we did two long walks for a total of nine miles, I know, what a shocker, after the past few days' mileage (Saturday, 4 walks and a mega-bike-ride; Monday, 3 walks and a slightly less mega-bike-ride).  We actually could have done three walks, with one before school. The only problem was, it was already 8.30am … Continue reading

Post Dentist: A nothing special kind of day

 Wednesday was a nothing special kind of day: School; after-school Mom pick-up with the ride home made longer due to a roadwork detour; long walk under a hot (but not super hot) sun (during which I had contact lens distress thanks to a strong breeze and a lot of pollen and dust—when you walk with … Continue reading

A New Route For Walking

As Charlie and I crossed an intersection to drive onto the street that leads to the state highway we take en route to his school, we spied a non-moving line of cars. The line extended into the intersection and I made a fast decision to turn right. That brought us into a shorter line of … Continue reading

Monday, Very Much On the Move

 Charlie's waking hours on Monday began at 4am and ended around 10pm.  As you may imagine, there was a lot of activity (two and two-thirds long walks) during that time. Not to mention a good school day. And a speed racer speed sort of bike ride. And a tune-up for the white car (it does … Continue reading

The Last 72 Hours

Thursday, Charlie woke up at 2am, making Wednesday's 3.30am wake-up seem relatively, well, "late." When he was little and woke in the middle of the night, I would insist Charlie stay in his bed and go back to sleep. I suspect he was probably pretty hyper and kicking the blankets around for awhile but I … Continue reading

Spring Break, Day 4: Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk

Walk #1. 7.30am. Charlie woke just before 7am and (as he usually does) got up, got himself dressed, ran clomping down the stairs with his stuff and opened the front door. Jim and I roused ourselves up post-haste and it was worth it as, instead of getting into the car and demanding that we drive … Continue reading

Spring Break, Day 1: The Great Communicator

Monday was Day 1 of Charlie's Spring Break. Monday being the day when I teach pretty much straight through the hours of 9am – 3pm, yesterday was very much a "dad 'n' son" morning and afternoon.  Charlie went to sleep past 11pm on Sunday and we figured he'd sleep in. Silly us: He woke at 6am … Continue reading

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