A Lot Can Happen In a Little Bit of Time

The best way to describe Monday is through a timeline. 4am. Charlie wakes up. Showers, etc. 4.25am. Charlie asks for a walk. Jim suggests a bike ride; I point out that it is kind of early. I set this Giant Timer app on Charlie’s iPad—it is simplex elegans, a giant digital timer with neon  chartreuse … Continue reading

Each and Every Moment

Clearly I need to work on Charlie and me standing next to each other (as in days gone past). In looking over my posts, I seem to have been posting photos of Charlie riding his bike, and Charlie getting ready to ride his bike, and Charlie riding his bike with Jim, and Charlie riding his … Continue reading

‘Mexican,’ he said, and we delivered

I finished my essay and am in the midst of writing a short piece for something else—-Charlie went back to school after the holiday without fuss or muss; called, as usual, for two bike rides and a walk (the weather's been lovely and outside is the place to be); said 'Mexican' on his own so … Continue reading

A Happy First Day, a Little Buscapade, & Squeaking Up

Charlie and me at my parents' house circa 1999: Little did I know what I'd be called to do to make this world a good place for my little guy. Despite not going to sleep till around midnight on Sunday, Charlie's eyes were opened when I said good-bye to him at 6.35am Monday morning. Jim … Continue reading

Who Knew That Summer Vacation Could Actually Be So Good?

'Kathy!' said Charlie as we were driving out to New Jersey horse country yesterday morning.  'Thea Marilyn Flo!' All with a big smile. Those are the names of two teachers and classroom aides Charlie had some nine (nine, back in 2001), years ago, when we lived in a condo in central Jersey.  Miss Kathy's class … Continue reading

In Which I Follow Charlie’s Bus

Charlie has been doing really well taking the bus home. Last week we hadn't been able to follow the bus home as we'd asked about at 'bus prep' meeting so yesterday I decided I would do it. I had gone into my office in Jersey City for one last three-hour session with a student whom … Continue reading

Bus Prep

Next Tuesday: That's when Charlie will start taking the bus home from the Big Autism Center to our house. Yesterday morning Jim and I met with Charlie's teacher, a school behaviorist and the principal to discuss some strategies.  We've been Charlie back and forth to the BAC since he started there last November. Since December … Continue reading

Hypotonic No More

Thanks to Jill, Antonio DA, Barbara, and Melanie for your comments on Monday's post, Stick With It, in regard to the curious pattern in Charlie's learning: 'An initial big effort with a concerted output of energy, followed shortly by a request to be done with it, and now, and stated adamantly.'  Jill wrote referred to this pattern … Continue reading

Stick With It

 Terribly slow traffic on the Garden State Parkway Sunday meant that it took us almost three hours to get to the beach and so, when Charlie asked for a towel after swimming for some 12 minutes, Jim and I hemmed and hawed. It's a pattern we've seen in Charlie before, from the time he was … Continue reading

The School of Panes et Circenses

Should Colleges [and Universities] Put Education, or Facilities [and Services and Recreation] First? is the subject of a post I put up Tuesday at Care2.com. I really wanted to call the post 'Bread and Circuses' from the Latin phrase panem et circenses, which (quoting myself) 'refers to the practice of [Romans running for political office] appeasing … Continue reading

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