On Photos, Pizza, and Keeping the Peace

Charlie came running up the stairs from the basement with a huge smile Saturday evening and something in his hand. I asked if I could take a look: In the past, when Charlie got hold of something he knew was meant to be kept from him, his response was 'no, no,' and he might get … Continue reading

The School of Panes et Circenses

Should Colleges [and Universities] Put Education, or Facilities [and Services and Recreation] First? is the subject of a post I put up Tuesday at Care2.com. I really wanted to call the post 'Bread and Circuses' from the Latin phrase panem et circenses, which (quoting myself) 'refers to the practice of [Romans running for political office] appeasing … Continue reading

Sometimes It All Makes Sense

I was able to confirm that Thursday's afterschool in-car distress was most likely due to stomach trouble for two reasons. Number 1: There were some subtly different changes in Charlie's eating—eating less than he usually does and also requesting to eat a lot—on Thursday. For one thing, after school I had gotten Charlie his usual … Continue reading


Driving home from school on Thursday afternoon, Charlie asked to go to a fastfood TexMex restaurant. We hadn't really celebrated Wednesday's performance so I did a 360 turn and to the restaurant we went. Charlie was very serious (even a little grim-looking) as we waited, then broke into a pleased smile as he carried his burrito … Continue reading

More Autism Advocacy, Our Way

 I don't know about you, but I'm not at all sure what to make of the, um, scent of White Castle's contribution to autism advocacy, candles scented with eau de Slyder—de burger, that is—and packaged in a box made to look like a White Castle franchise; proceeds from the candles (10$ apiece) are to benefit … Continue reading

Post Dentist: A nothing special kind of day

 Wednesday was a nothing special kind of day: School; after-school Mom pick-up with the ride home made longer due to a roadwork detour; long walk under a hot (but not super hot) sun (during which I had contact lens distress thanks to a strong breeze and a lot of pollen and dust—when you walk with … Continue reading

Delaying Gratification

 Charlie and I neared the local state road that we cross to get home and he said, "[Name of chain Mexican fast food restaurant where he's been getting his burritos]!" In days of yore, I would have instantly thought, "we have to go there now, it's so great Charlie asked!" This would have been my … Continue reading

A New Route For Walking

As Charlie and I crossed an intersection to drive onto the street that leads to the state highway we take en route to his school, we spied a non-moving line of cars. The line extended into the intersection and I made a fast decision to turn right. That brought us into a shorter line of … Continue reading

Two Small Adventures (with watermelon & a tire)

 Ah, motherhood, what will you have me doing next. How about single-handedly putting a slice of watermelon into a plastic bag while driving on the highway? I speed-shop (bagels for Charlie's breakfast—they are just no good if not fresh—and watermelon) at the sprawling supermarket 5 minutes from his school, and then drive to the Big … Continue reading

Post-incident of the red brownie box or, life must go on

Life goes on: The truest of the truisms. It's one thing to say and know you can't go back to the little local grocery store for a bit, another thing to figure out what to do when repeated requests come from the back seat to do just that. I wasn't surprised, Tuesday afternoon, when Charlie … Continue reading

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