Sensitive to Everything (2): Storminess, Medications, Change

Autistic children are slower to integrate multiple stimuli than same-age children whose development is more typical, according to a recently published study in Autism Research. Electrical activity in the brain was measured in 17 autistic children ages six to 16 and in 17 'typically developing' children while they watched a silent movie and were presented … Continue reading

To My Fellow Travelers & Commadres in Autismland

I have added a list of blog-friends, Fellow Travelers & Commadres in Autismland, over in the right sidebar–>.  I linked to some of your blogs and sites sometimes using the actual name of your blog/site and sometimes using your name. There's not any particular rhyme or reason to it; hope what you see is all right. I've … Continue reading

A Little South Jersey Odyssey

Tuesday, the first day of Charlie's inbetween-school-and-ESY-vacation, was a fine day, despite a lot of 'despites' (as you'll see as you read on). It started (after a walk and breakfast in the white car, as Charlie likes to do sometimes when he knows we are going to go for a ride) with a visit to … Continue reading

90 to 50

Thursday morning at 2.30am we heard the unmistakable sound of Charlie stomping and then the unmistakable sound of the shower turning on. I got out of bed: Charlie always wants to get dressed following a shower and sure enough he asked for 'shirt! pants'. And then, 'bedtime.' All right with me. Back to sleep it … Continue reading

Something To THINK About: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism

Charlie got in a full night's sleep on Sunday and, Monday morning, he and I had a cheery ride to the Big Autism Center, even with a brief turnaround after a few blocks when I realized that I had forgotten to give him his medications.At school, he got right out of the car and, when … Continue reading

Quite Sociable, If I Don’t Say So Myself

Yet another shocker post today. After a full Saturday of walking (x 2), bike riding (x 2), grading (Jim), hauling branches to the town recycling center (Jim), speed grocery shopping (me), we went to have dinner at a friends' house. We'd been to visit these friends back in November. We had predicted that Charlie would … Continue reading

With a Little Help From Our Friends

Sunday morning it was agitation city around here. We went on a ride for bagels after which (the bagels having been eaten) Charlie kept saying "I want eat, I want eat" and ardently adding "no home." We did go home—those "I want eat" requests have sometimes meant Charlie really does want to eat and sometimes … Continue reading

Never Too Late For a Little Holiday Glow

 It's a good thing that we lived for two years in St. Paul. The summer we moved into our 2nd floor duplex (in the Merriam-Grove area, just a few blocks from Macalester College) I ordered two beige LL Bean parkas in size L and in size S. We've packed their puffinesses up through several moves … Continue reading

In the Country of Difference

 "If you've met one autistic child, you've met one autistic child."  It's a statement that's totally impossible to disagree with. I've certainly said it, or variations thereof, time and time again in advocating for accommodations in the classroom, at the swimming pool. and elsewhere for Charlie.  Much as that statement rings true, I think there's … Continue reading

Saturday Outing. Plus.

Heartened as we are about Charlie being at his new school, we both feel a bit of a twinge about his being in a "more restricted" placement, a separate school for autistic children. While (ironically) Charlie is in many ways less restricted at the new school—able to walk through the building, to eat in the … Continue reading

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