The Bus Can Wait

No surprise that Charlie, despite going to sleep around 11pm, awoke at 6.30am. He knew it was the first day of summer school. He got dressed and, as it was quite early, he and I went for a walk. There was a little flurry of consternation when he saw Jim loading my parents' suitcases in … Continue reading

Transition Day

Tuesday was Transition Day with a capital T: It was Charlie's last day of being home on his week off between school ending and summer school/Extended School Year beginning and it was the last day of my parents' visit. He didn't ask to go to the ocean; on our visit Monday, I sensed that he … Continue reading

‘Smile’ & ‘Sunny’

Expect the above scene to get repeated approximately three times a day until next week, when my mom and dad—Po Po and Gong Gong, Cantonese for 'maternal grandmother' and 'maternal grandfather'—head back home to California. You can be sure, they (and my beloved Great Uncle Walt) have been aiming cameras of every sort at Charlie … Continue reading

Charlie is 13 Years Old Today

Charlie is 13 years old today. !!!!!!!!! Ok, technically he's not going to be 13 until 8.57pm tonight, the 15th of May, 2010. I was in labor for most of the 15th of May, 1997 (if you really want to know, I can write more about it—doesn't seem the right topic to go into on … Continue reading

Talking About Death and Dying to a Child on the Spectrum

 Thursday afternoon was the wake for Charlie's grandmother, Grace. Jim and I hadn't been sure about Charlie going. The funeral home is in the town where Jim's parents had lived for over thirty years (and where we lived for three years—one with them–from June 2006 to November of 2009); the Big Autism Center that Charlie … Continue reading

Out There We Go

 Thank you so much for your kind words of sympathy for Jim's mother's passing. She was not in good health, physically and mentally, for many years—the 'emotional unease' Jim referred to. When we lived with her and Jim's father (June 2006-August 2007), she could barely walk; she either sat at the table in the kitchen … Continue reading

Charlie’s Grandma

 Jim's mother passed away yesterday afternoon. She gave Jim his love of history and stories. She was the first person to know that something was 'not right' with Charlie. She told me the only place she'd ever liked to have visited besides Ireland, where her mother Honora was from, was China. We'd gone to see … Continue reading

Changes Minor, Maybe Major

It was in the 70s (Fahrenheit—-have been working on converting temperatures in Celsius to Fahrenheit in my head) and sunny Sunday morning. Charlie slept in a little (till 9am; he'd stayed up past 11pm on Saturday), wanted a morning ride (this proved a fine excuse to get a bag of bagels), stood around in the … Continue reading

The Week This Was

The weekend (with its less-structuredness and, therefore, heightened potential for "unhappy moments") (yes that is a total euphemism but difficult things are difficult to write about) is upon us. Regardless of what ensues, it's been a good week. Charlie has had a string of great days at school. His class goes to the supermarket most … Continue reading

Wednesday Came and Went

We're never, and can never, I think, be entirely sure how much Charlie understands of what he hears. Ever since, years ago, our dear friend Mike chided Jim and me for speaking about Charlie in the 3rd person in front of him, we've tried our best to "presume competence" and proceed as if, even though … Continue reading

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