More Choices: When Beads Are Lost and Not Found

It was only after I uploaded today's 'daily (Charlie) photo' into my blogging platform that I saw, just to his left, the words on the advertisement: MORE CHOICES Something that Charlie could always use a few more of, whether in regard to expanding the foods he'll eat or the direction he'll ride his bike, or … Continue reading

Preventative Measures

Before heading out to the New Jersey horse country bike path, we stopped to at a gas station to put air in in the bikes's tires. As Jim did this, I was idly looking around and noted the license plate on a woman's car: CUREFRK As in, 'cure freak'—someone who is a freak about a … Continue reading

Working the Transition: Prepping Back to School with Bikes & iPad

Charlie will be back in school next Tuesday and Thursday he and I started working the transition in full force. I made a Back to School social story using Stories2Learn on Charlie’s iPad—my very nice aunts read this SFWeekly article about how the iPad has helped my friend Shannon‘s son Leo so much and decided … Continue reading

Next Thing You Know We’ll Be Going to the Mall

So as you may not remember, and as it's a bit hard for us not to remember while cringing, we spent a good part of the day after last Christmas (of Boxing Day, that is) in the ER after Charlie, whom we'd taken to the pediatrician's office due to an infected sore in his mouth, … Continue reading

Incident, and Progress, Report

On average, 'incident reports' get sent home in Charlie's school communication book about two times per week. These offer a brief account of whatever happened, possible antecedents/reasons for the behavior ('not sure' is an option, and I'd rather that—sometimes we just can't figure out why Charlie does what he does), a description of the response, … Continue reading

A Good Direction

Jim discovered that the tree-shaded bike path he and Charlie have been biking on in Jersey horse country goes in the opposite direction for quite a few miles. So after a morning constitutional (a bike ride on our 'home turf'), we loaded up the bikes (how often have I typed this in the past few … Continue reading

Barney and Alphabert

The ocean was just as Charlie loves it yesterday: Active. The waves were rough with lots of foam, and big and trough-y, so you could see the water pulling up into a peak and then crashing down, but the crash came slowly and full of froth. Not the sort of water for babes-in-arms and excited … Continue reading

Charlie Rides the Bus Home

 A little yellow schoolbus of a familiar sort pulled up in front of our house around 3.18pm yesterday. The door opened and I went and said hello to the driver and the bus aide and saw Charlie taking off his seatbelt.  It was his first day taking the bus home and it went well, aside … Continue reading

At the Beach, Now and Then

At one point yesterday, all three of us were in the ocean.  Jim was the farthest out where there was a sudden mountain of waves—it was low tide and there was a long stretch of shallow cool water—Charlie was a bit further in (though he'd been out where Jim was or past it when we'd … Continue reading


 It's been the worry that's ever on my mind as the parent of a child who, we realized early in his young life, will only be able to take care of himself to a (very) limited extent. Until Charlie was around 6 or 7,  I wasn't able to admit to myself that he would always … Continue reading

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