Backseat Driver

Monday morning I was trying out a new route to drive Charlie to school that, Jim reported, had taken them a mere 34 minutes on Friday.  We indeed zipped along for the first 20 minutes then, after getting onto a state highway lined with commercial establishments and chain stores of every possible kind, we sat. … Continue reading

History in the Biking

We got gas and went to the bank before getting an early lunch Thursday morning, and then Charlie—off from school for Rosh Hashanah (he'd indicated his awareness of this Wednesday night when he stayed up extra late; he wasn't perturbed when I wrote 'home for a holiday today' on his iPad using DoodleBuddy; I think … Continue reading

17 Miles

17 miles, that is, on the bike trail in Jersey horse country yesterday morning for Jim and Charlie. I don't have a photo because I wasn't there, as I had gone into work for meetings and other getting the semester started sorts of business. Jim told me he and Charlie ended up extending their ride … Continue reading

On Photos, Pizza, and Keeping the Peace

Charlie came running up the stairs from the basement with a huge smile Saturday evening and something in his hand. I asked if I could take a look: In the past, when Charlie got hold of something he knew was meant to be kept from him, his response was 'no, no,' and he might get … Continue reading

Biking in the Old Neighborhood

Charlie, and we, slept in Saturday morning. Jim and I were glad about this—Charlie has been maintaining what is pretty much his usual school wake-up time of 6.30-7.30am—but Charlie was unsettled. It was 'no' to a walk and 'no' to a bike ride and then Charlie saying 'I want diner' and 'I want [name of … Continue reading


We were on our way to Jersey horse country for a bike ride yesterday morning and ended up taking a slightly different route. We knew where we were, but not exactly how to get to the road that leads to the town where the bike path is. Jim said, ‘Let’s look at the map’ and … Continue reading

Outside the Comfort Zone

It's turning into a Have Bike Rack Will Tour kind of summer for us. When we had a bike rack put on the back of the white car That Has An Unbelievable Amount of Miles On It For a Car That Is Not Yet One Year Old, Jim and I didn't fully realize that we … Continue reading

To My Fellow Travelers & Commadres in Autismland

I have added a list of blog-friends, Fellow Travelers & Commadres in Autismland, over in the right sidebar–>.  I linked to some of your blogs and sites sometimes using the actual name of your blog/site and sometimes using your name. There's not any particular rhyme or reason to it; hope what you see is all right. I've … Continue reading

Tragedy Into Comedy

As a final assignment, I asked the students in my summer school class on ancient Greek drama to write about what they understand 'tragedy' and 'comedy' to mean; to describe a movie that they consider a tragedy and another that they consider a comedy; and to write about an experience that could be considered 'tragic' … Continue reading

‘Giraffe’ (No, We Didn’t Visit the Zoo)

Charlie and I were driving in the white car after an aborted trip to Target late Wednesday afternoon. Nothing of any particular interest, excitement, or controversy had occurred. I had picked Charlie up at school and we'd gone home, gone walking (far less humidity, still strong sun). It was a bit of a different day … Continue reading

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