Some Explaining To Do

Charlie, Jim told me, missed me on Friday while I was in New York. He enjoyed the bike rides and walk and the burrito but, after going up to bed around 10pm, he came back down and insisted on staying on the old blue couch, which is where I found him, sound asleep, when I … Continue reading

Just a Few Words, Lots of Action

Charlie's bus got here later today. Apparently there was an accident on the highway so that slowed things down. He was fine and had also had a good day at school. He and Jim went out for a bike ride as soon as Jim could get out the bikes and they'd just come back inside … Continue reading

Digital Connections, Real Life, and Sunshine

I'm speaking on a show called Family Caregivers Unite! on Voice America online radio on the 3rd of August 2010, at 10am EST (that is, today!, depending on what time zone you're in and when you're reading this). The show is hosted (very graciously and kindly) by Dr. Gordon Atherley. Estée Klar of The Autism … Continue reading

Language Is Just One Kind of Communication

The clunky title of this post sums up one of the greatest lessons I've learned in life with Charlie.  Charlie is 'verbal' in the sense that he can say some words and phrases to express himself. He can say those words and phrases thanks in part to years and hours of speech therapy and speech-and-articulation … Continue reading

‘Giraffe’ (No, We Didn’t Visit the Zoo)

Charlie and I were driving in the white car after an aborted trip to Target late Wednesday afternoon. Nothing of any particular interest, excitement, or controversy had occurred. I had picked Charlie up at school and we'd gone home, gone walking (far less humidity, still strong sun). It was a bit of a different day … Continue reading

Eyes On My Back

 It seems that I have acquired eyes on my back. Once upon a time, I used always to say that, for safety’s sake, I could never take my eyes off of Charlie, certainly when we where away from home at a store or other public place. If he wandered off, he wouldn’t realize that he … Continue reading

Giving My 19 Cents Worth

Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions about dealing with hecklers.  Jim and I always have our iPhones with us when we're out walking and I will attempt to take some photos should we be heckled. Other thoughts (rather silly) are to get Charlie this t-shirt (which, I suspect, will just result in some [fill in … Continue reading

Transition Day

Tuesday was Transition Day with a capital T: It was Charlie's last day of being home on his week off between school ending and summer school/Extended School Year beginning and it was the last day of my parents' visit. He didn't ask to go to the ocean; on our visit Monday, I sensed that he … Continue reading


Our Nostalgia Tour '10 continues. Sunday, we didn't go to the beach. We had to return the black minivan to the rental car place at the airport. Charlie got right into it with his favorite things, owing to which I was enjoined to come along for the ride as I know exactly how many little … Continue reading

‘Smile’ & ‘Sunny’

Expect the above scene to get repeated approximately three times a day until next week, when my mom and dad—Po Po and Gong Gong, Cantonese for 'maternal grandmother' and 'maternal grandfather'—head back home to California. You can be sure, they (and my beloved Great Uncle Walt) have been aiming cameras of every sort at Charlie … Continue reading

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