Camp Charlie MMX, Day 1: Making Our Way

Day 1 of Camp Charlie (2010 version) got underway with Charlie in the white car at precisely 8.19am, which is precisely the time that Phil Schaap starts his Birdflight radio show. I set the timer for an hour so Jim and I could get ready ourselves ready and load up the bikes. We had planned … Continue reading

A Small Communication

The above photo shows Charlie's 'favorite things' as I call them. He refers to this whole set of objects as 'blue beads': Charlie often refers to a collection or a couple of things based on just one item, as if the part referred to the whole. For you literary types out there, this is a … Continue reading

The Orders of Things

Charlie woke up before 5am on Sunday which was just as well, as one of my aunts was flying in from California on a red-eye. When she called at 7am Charlie was more than ready to hop into the car, so off we went to the sounds of The Clash.  As almost all of my … Continue reading

Not Hearing the Melody for the Notes (#592)

Charlie has now been taking piano lessons for just over six months and his teacher has made some small innovations. Originally, each of the keys from middle C to an octave above was identified with a velcroed letter, C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C. Three weeks ago, the C on middle C was removed; as of a week ago, the … Continue reading

Epic & Lyric (#544)

Giant in the Sky (#481)

You Coming? Or Am I Going? (#300)

Happily Ever After (#296)

Charlie Got Rice: Let Proust Eat His Madeleine (#291)

Squirrels and Dogs and Horses, Oh My! (#279)

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